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How To Self Diagnose

November 17, 2013  by: anil gupta  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.30   Views: 1318

When we feel some health problems use of some self diagnose techniques of tradition of every society. Although it is not recommended to took medicines on the basis of self diagnosis.


When we felt unwell than before going to doctor we used some self diagnosis methods. It is old tradition. Self diagnosis method indicate that what is the problem and which organ of our body is not working properly.
When we felt that we have fever that first we touch our forehead with palm. If it is warmer than usual that it is clear that we have fever. Why we place our palm on head? Because our traditional experience tells us that forehead is right place to check body temperature. If we want an exact measurement than we need a thermometer.
Like it some other signs tell us that certain parts of body is not working properly. When our internal organs are not functioning properly they would show on face, eyes, tongue, hand finger and foot.
Check your health problem with self diagnosis
1.lymphatic system problems
Yellow face
Sweaty/Clammy Palm
Yellow nails
Cold Sweat
2. liver problems.
Blood shot eyes
Sides curled up, tip curled up and sides swollen tongue
Lengthwise ridges or white lines across the nail
White nails with pink near the tips sign of cirrhosis
Giddy when you wake up
3. Spleen problem
Dark rings around your eyes or eye bags
Pale tongue with thin white coating
Swollen or putty with teeth marks on the side of tongue
Thin, white tongue coating
Pale tongue with hairy crack
4. Cardiovascular and hearts problems
Purple color of tongue
Red tip on tongue
Elongated tongue
Cold and pale color palm
Thick nails
Pain between big toe and second toe of foot means heart blockage. If it is red, then it is very urgent
Blood pebbles on veins

5. Digestive system problems
Grooves or ridges or brittle nails
6. Lungs problems
Deep blue nail beds
Excessive perspiration
7. Cholesterol problems
Bulgy between the joints of fingers
Frozen shoulder or stiff neck at the nape area
8. Kidney and urine problems
Painful Soles
Lower backache
Bulgy, greenish veins sing of high uric acid
Hair lose shine
Frequent night urination (2 to 3 times)
Leather forming in urine

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 11/20/2013    Points:2    

Useful article, most of us take our health for granted thinking that everything is fine until it is too late.Prevention is always better than cure and can help us counter some serius ailments when dealt with in time...

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How To Self Diagnose
When we feel some health problems use of some self diagnose techniques of tradition of every society. Although it is not recommended to took medicines on the basis of self diagnosis.


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