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Why is it Necessary to Detoxify Human Body?

November 17, 2013  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.20   Views: 617

There is strong need to detoxify human body, as it is constantly attacked by various health damaging agents like disease causing micro-organisms entering inside body through various ways like contaminated food, contaminated water and polluted air.


As you sanitize or in other words wash or purify various things you use, which not only remove dirt, but along with dirt also removes various disease causing pathogens present in dirt and hence prevents various contamination diseases or in words infectious diseases, if you routinely follow hygiene measures like washing your hands before and after eating, maintain hygiene of your clothes by regularly washing, regularly having bath and eating in clean utensils and drinking clear, filtered water, regularly maintain hygiene of various things you use.

But, along with maintaining hygiene of environment in which you live, it is also necessary to clean your body, maintaining its hygiene, by not only cleaning it from outside by bathing, but also maintaining hygiene of various organs and tissues. Bathing only cleans your body superficially whereas detoxification of your body cleans your body from inside. Detoxification not only cleans human body deeply from inside, but also removes various toxins present inside human body and removes excess mucous, free radicals present inside body.

So, there is strong need to detoxify human body, as it is constantly attacked by various health damaging agents like disease causing micro-organisms entering inside body through various ways like contaminated food, contaminated water and polluted air.

And, if you suffer from chronic indigestion, halitosis that is bad breath, hypercholesterolemia, low HDL, high LDL, frequent migraine episodes, dropsy, high BP, chronic complaints like chronic tiredness syndrome or diabetes, then you must detoxify your body once in a month, as diseases also weaken body's immune system and also imbalance body's homeostatic balance, which require strong need of detoxification of human body with fruits, water, juices of various vegetables and fruits. Detoxification releases, various toxic materials out of body, pathogens causing disease and also removes various harmful free radicals produced inside body. Detoxification releases out all these harmful toxic aliments out of body and restores body's homeostatic balance and hence, restores its healthy state.


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