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Monetizing a blog through various ways

November 18, 2013  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.35   Views: 1045

Here are some ways by which you can monetize your blog.


There are an innumerable and ridiculous number of articles written on blogging and probably even more on monetizing them. A steady and regular updating of the blog can eventually bring in a stable and firm income. Such a source can come in handy and can even make blogging a full time affair.
Once a blog is set properly and is updated regularly, the chances of earnings increase even more as there are various ways of monetizing a blog. Let us have a look some of these ways.
Reviewing Products
If you have a web site that caters to products, then reviewing products on your web site can give you an additional income. And this can be an additional source of income as well. Some of the best possible options are having electronics products reviewed. To be more specific reviewing products like Smartphones, tablets or phabletscould be more profitable.
Such products are pretty much popular in the market. The good thing about this is that the entire world is the market for such articles. Therefore, the people from around the globe need to know about the quality of a certain product. So, reviewing these products can become more profitable in the long run.
Selling Ebooks
One of the best alternatives is writing an Ebook and offering it for sales on your web site. If you have your own self hosted web site, that can be even more profitable as it commands more respect than just a blog hosted on blogging platforms. There are a variety of topics that you can have Ebooks to sell on your web site.
However, if you are a blogger yourself who have a reputation in the field and have established in that particular niche, it will help in you getting more buyers. If the Ebooksare like those that give advice and suggestion or tips in a particular topic that will help in selling more Ebooks for you.
I am sure the best bloggers won't go for this option. However, there are many bloggers who do use this option to get some bucks their way. Some people do ask for donations in order to keep their blog going and avoid the domain from getting dead. There are donations buttons available that ask for the same directly.
On the other hand, some bloggers ask for donations in a different way by saying 'Why not buy me a coffee" or "Why not buy me a beer." The donation button, once clicked takes you to web sites like PayPal, which are money transfer sites. This is where people can make their donations to those web sites.
Selling Merchandise
Selling merchandise through various services can also help earn a few extra bucks apart from the mainstream source of earning for the blog. There are a lot of companies out there that offer this option of allowing you to sell merchandise through your blog or web site.
However, some web site needs you to have a certain amount of daily traffic from certain quarters of the world. It would be worthwhile to first have a look at their terms and conditions beforehand.


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