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Learning Astrology is so easy!So why to go here and there!

November 24, 2013  by: svats  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 887

Basics of vedic astrology. Starting from knowing what is a chart, what are planets and how much important they are in our life!


What is astrology?
Astrology is all about planets and their timings in your life which is called Dasha. It helps a person knowing this past , present and future and also helps in finding right career and right person you should marry and many more other details of your life.

Why Astrology?
All of us always are very much concerned about our future in many ways like what type of job will I get, when will I get Married , when will I get promoted like this there are several others questions which keeps coming to our mind and for getting answers to these questions we go to astrologers. But we can learn astrology which is not very difficult and we can get answers to our basic questions.

I am starting this series of lessons on Vedic astrology which start from basics like what is a chart , what are planets etc.

So lets get started!

So today we will start with first basic lesson on astrology. So what is a chart?
Horoscope chart is 12 divisional chart and these 12 divisions are houses as you can see in the image above all houses. So we have twelve houses in our horoscope chart. Apart from houses we have nine planets which are placed in these houses. There can be more than one planet in a house or may be one or more house has no planets in them. We also have twelve rashi's each rashi belongs to each house and each planets is owner of one or more rashi's. Also every planet is having some degree in your horoscope which shows how strong that planet will be in your horoscope.

All these concepts I will be explaining in detail in coming lessons.

So lets start with houses. As mentioned there are twelve houses in a chart.

First house is also known as Lagna or Ascendant house this is very important as this house is about yourself this house depicts your personality, shows the basic character one is having it is just about you and you. This house is also known as rising sign as sun is rising in this sign when you are born. This house signifies how much strong your body is to fight against diseases.

Second house is the house of your family , your wealth , your speech the kind of food you intake.

Third house is the house of your courage, your younger siblings and it also tells us about short onsite or foreign travels.

Fourth house is the house of your Mother, your privacy, your very basic education it also tells us about land or fixed assets we can have in our life.

Fifth house is the house of self expression , house of your kids , your entertainment and your education till school level.

Sixth house is the house of enemies, your obstacles in life , house of diseases, house of your hidden fear.

Seventh house is the house of Marriage , house of partnerships it also help in analyzing foreign travels, its the house of outer world.

Eight house is the house of your in laws, sudden loss and gain, house of occult, house of interest in astrology and house of death.

Ninth house is the house of religion ,house of gurus and house long foreign travels and house of your luck.

Tenth house is the house of your Father , house of your career and it is the most brightest house in astrology almost all planets do good here.

Eleventh house is the house of gains , desires and wishes in your life its the house of social network.

Twelfth house which is the last house in astrology is about foreign things and again foreign lands and travels its about losses and as last its the house of moksha.

So guys this is the starting lesson on Astrology hope it helps you understanding at least building blocks of astrology.
In next lessons I will be going into more details about planets and houses with planets and about Rashi's.

Author: Shikha Gupta        
Posted Date: 12/09/2013    Points:1    

Dear svats,
i found ur lesson quite interesting and in a simple language,do u also provide
Author: svats        
Posted Date: 12/10/2013    Points:1    

Dear Shikha,

Thanks for reading my article and yes I do consultation also.

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