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Disorders Found Frequently among People Working in Night Shifts

November 27, 2013  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 649

There are some specific disorders or medical conditions which are very frequently found among people working in night shifts.


So, topic of today's article is, from what kind of disorders people working in BPO's late night shift suffer? What kind of diseases or disorders you are prone to develop if you are working in BPO and that too in night shift schedule?

There are some specific disorders or medical conditions which are very frequently found among people working in night shifts in BPO or call centers. Some specific symptoms, lifestyle disorders or diseases which are frequently found among people working in late night shifts of BPOs or in night shifts of call centers are-

1. BPO work involves extreme form of hectic work hours, which are night shift hours. Due to these extreme forms of shift work hours, especially night shifts make you more prone to suffer from specific kind of disorders. Incidence of these specific disorders are particularly found high in people working in late night shifts in BPO and call centers as compared to people working in day shifts. Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders also known as CRSD are very common among people working in late night hours of BPOs and call centers.

2. Depression is found very common among them- More than two third of staff working in late night shifts in BPO and call centers, especially those working in night shifts sure to suffer from depression as compared to those working in day shifts. People working in day shifts do suffer from depression, but incidence of depression is less among them. Very few people of day shift suffer from depression whereas as majority of people working in night shift suffer from depression, so incidence of depression among them is more.

3. Difficulty in adjusting body's biological clock-
Due to more stress put on body due to hectic night shift work hours, body's homoeostatic system has to work hard to adjust body clock to western time zone to wake up at night and sleep in day. Body need to work hard to adjust body's biological clock as it is programmed, not only genetically but as well as by habit, from birth to adulthood to remain active during daytime.

4. BPO workforces, working in call centers suffer more from nervousness, feel more apprehensive. They are more prone to get suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and get tired easily.

5. Sleep patterns disrupted- Healthy sleep pattern of workers working in night shifts in BPO and call centers gets disrupted . They feel sleepier at duty in working hours, as they do not get adequate sleep in day, due to frequently getting disturbance and unquiet environment in day to sleep.

6. Gastro-intestinal disorders- Night shift staff consumes too much of tea, coffee, cola to keep them awake at night in night shift work hours, which disrupts homoeostatic balance of their gastro-intestinal system and they are more prone to get affected from various gastro-intestinal disorders or complaints.


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