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Planning a holiday - some useful tips !

November 28, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Travel & Places  Earning $0.60   Views: 952

A well planned holiday should be a happy experience for all the family members or friends...


Nowadays People and families love to travel within the country as well as visit other foreign countries. Travel requires quite a bit of planning these days since it involves many things especially when you want to travel abroad. So, it is better to start making plans to go on a vacation as early as possible. You don't want things to go wrong since for you and for your family it is a most looked forward event.

Some useful tips

1, Include holiday expenses in your monthly budget - Holidays are expensive even if you have time share since you need to pay travel expenses, food and also spend on so many other necessities. So earlier you begin to put away a fixed amount of your salary towards your annual holiday the better placed you will be.

2, The second most important requirement is to make sure that you get all the details and information about the place or places you plan to visit during your vacation. Try to get as many details as possible from different source including people who have already visited the place. Make a note of places of interest, weather conditions and other practical details that are required in your diary or a small note book . Carry this book with you when you go for your holiday. You can also add on some useful details that may come in handy for others or for you on your next visit. I make a note of price of food and also travel expenses since it gives a fair idea as to how much money you need to spend or carry with you on your next vacation taking inflation into account.

3, Once the preparations are made and the tickets and reservations procured you are ready to take off. Make sure that you pack clothes and other essentials carefully without overloading your travel bags since it becomes cumbersome to carry heavy suitcases. It is better to pack smaller individual bags for each member so that it becomes easy to manage the luggage and also it makes each person responsible for his/her things.

4, If there are elderly people and small children travelling it is wiser to take not just their medical requirements but some basic medications for the entire family .It is advisable to carry tablets for allergy, cold, fever , cough and also some antibiotic ointments that may come in handy if and when you have minor cuts and bruises. Mosquito repellent is another most essential requirement especially if you are going to a place that has lots of greenery and water.

5, From my own travel experience I have realised that a few things really come in handy and you may not be able to buy it easily when you are on holiday. So, include these essentials in your luggage - a length of plastic rope ( if you need to wash and dry clothes ), a candle, torch , a pair of scissors and needle and thread.

5,Carry a couple of extra foldable bags in your suitcase .This helps you pack any souvenirs or any shopping you do or for carrying a picnic lunch and other essentials if you are planning to visit nearby places.

6, More than anything make sure that you are on your best behavior and make sure that all the family members enjoy the trip. A holiday should be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for the entire family , so, losing your temper and making it unpleasant for your family and friends should be strictly avoided. A holiday is enjoyable only when there is happiness and a carefree atmosphere instead of tension and stress between members.

7, If you have young children make them write an essay on their holiday after the experience in their own words . You can collect these essays as a record and a happy reminder about their childhood. A happy holiday spent in the company of close family is likely to be remembered by everyone for a long time to come.

Personally, I remember each and every details about all the holidays we spent as children since my parents made it a very happy and an exciting occasion for all of us and I sincerely hope that my children feel the same way!


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