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Why one should Keep Away from Consumption of Excess of Sugar in Diet?

November 28, 2013  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 764

One should control consumption of excess sugar in our diet to protect ourselves from ill effects of excess sugar consumption on our body.


Consuming excess of sugar in diet, through diet is increasing day by day these days. This is because of too much of processed food available in market these days and that too in wide range of variety. Processed food contain too much of sugar, which is used to preserve them and consuming that much amount of sugar has ill effect on body and causes various harms to body. This is reason why one should control consumption of sugar in our diet to protect ourselves from ill effects of excess sugar consumption on our body. Excess sugar consumption increases too much in feastive season, when too much of sweet dishes like cakes, pastries, ladoo, barfi and various other sweet foods are available and this is also time when you need to take care of your diet and regulate your consumption of sugar.

Besides, much sugar goes inside human body, if one has habit of drinking too much of sweetened soft drinks, sweetened beverages which contain just sugar and no minerals and vitamins in it. So, there is die hard need of regulating your diet in respect to consumption of sugar and that, too, especially in festive season when consumption of sweetened product is too much more than limit which is considered normal.

Question is, "Why one should keep away from consumption of excess of sugar in diet? " Do consuming excess of sugar has ill effects on human body? Does it produce any ill effects on human body? The answer to this is, "yes ", yes, consuming excess of sugar do have ill effects on human body. Reasons why one should keep away from consumption of excess of sugar in diet are-

1) Number one reason why one should limit consumption of excess of sugar in diet is that consuming excess of sugar causes various metabolic abnormalities inside human body.

2) Various metabolic diseases result inside body on consuming excess of sugar, which are as follow-

a) Consuming excess of sugar increases our blood pressure above normal range.

b) Diabetes - consuming excess of sugar causes diabetes and that too especially type 2 diabetes.

c) Insulin resistance - consuming excess of sugar causes insulin resistance which ultimately increases blood glucose level and hence causes diabetes.

d) Consuming excess of sugar also increases body's blood cholesterol level as sweetened products are loaded with lot of fat which increases human body's blood cholesterol level and hence causes hypercholesterolemia .

3) If you are consuming excess of sugar in diet on daily basis since years, then it has already caused very damages to your health and also causes various cardiovascular diseases.

4) When you are consuming excess of sugar above normal range, more than human body require normally on daily basis, then body converts this excess of sugar consumed into fat cells and hence lead to excess weight gain, that is obesity and obesity you all know, if not controlled at right time can lead to fatty liver disease and various heart problems.

That is, why it is necessary to control consumption of sugar and keep away from excess of sugar consumption on daily basis, if you do not want to get suffered from above diseases. So, avoid consumption of excess of sugar on daily basis and especially avoid intake of processed food on daily basis which contain excess of sugar which is more than human body normally require.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 12/04/2013    Points:4    

I have heard many old people advising the young generation to keep away from excess sugar during the young age itself. That is fine. So, that then later on in life, they do not have to face such ''sweet'' problems. But how true is it that excessive sugar intake can slow down the digestion process. I guess being a doctor you can answer this question. I happened to read this in a certain newspaper - now I forgot if it was online or a print format. But I clearly remember this. Can you please throw some light on this?
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 12/04/2013    Points:6    

Abhijit Bangal, you asked how true is that excessive sugar consumption can slow down digestion process? Yes, it is true that excessive sugar consumption can slow down your digestion process. And, how it can slow down your digestion process? The answer to this is here? Excess sugar consumption causes metabolic disorders inside body which puts more strain on liver, liver you all know play one of the main role in digestion process. Second way, excess sugar harms your digestion process is by killing good intestinal healthy bacteria found in gut which plays a vital role in digestion process. Third way, it hampers digestion process, slow down digestion process, is, through metabolic disturbances which it cause when consumed in excess, these metabolic disturbances causes malfunctioning in hormonal secretion process of body, and hormones you all know are very vital in digestion process.

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