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Protection of hair from dandruff in winter

December 03, 2013  by: Rachana Mishra  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 759

Winter has reached to us and with it comes many problems that we face due to dry weather condition. In winter season not only our skin needs extra care as it tends to get dry but our hair also needs extra care. One of the most problematic things that one has to face in winter for their hair is the Dandruff problem.


Winter has reached to us and with it comes many problems that we face due to dry weather condition. In winter season not only our skin needs extra care as it tends to get dry but our hair also needs extra care. One of the most problematic things that one has to face in winter for their hair is the Dandruff problem. First let us understand that what Dandruff is.

It is quite natural for some of the skin cells to be shed from the scalp on the regular basis. There is nothing to be worried about this. But when shedding of these hardly noticeable loose scales is increased then cells starts falling in clusters and become noticeable. This is called dandruff.

Now let us put some light on the causes for dandruff. There is not one but many reasons that we can point out for the cause of dandruff. Few of them are - extreme temperature bath, fungal overgrowth on the scalp, increased sebum and oil production from the scalp, excessive application of the hair gel or even poor hair care-any of these reasons can give rise to dandruff. Then certain skin relates problem can also be the reason for dandruff like Seborrhea dermatitis and psoriasis.

Among all the above mentioned causes the fungal overgrowth is the most significant reason for the dandruff. Malassezia globosa, a fungus can grow on the scalp skin. This fungus attacks the natural oil or sebum which resulted in the breaking of the natural oil that is secreted from the scalp which in turn results in the production of oleic acid. This secreted acid causes the separation of the upper scaly layer of the skin from the scalp which then appears as dandruff.

Now the question arises that can the dandruff be prevented. The answer of this question is that one can for sure prevent the dandruff. To keep ones scalp clean is the main way of protecting yourself from dandruff. One should also not use the excess of gel or oil on their hair so that dust and dirt will not be able to stick to the hair. There are some people who are more prone to produce dandruff from others. Reason can be genetically or environmentally also. For those people it is must that they keep their hair and scalp always clean and free from any dust or dirt. Regular use of an anti-dandruff shampoo to wash the hair can help in a long way in preventing dandruff.

Now is there any way so that one can cure oneself fully from the dandruff. Mild dandruff can be treated very easily by using all the shampoos that are anti-dandruff available in the market. One should shampoo the hair twice or thrice with any anti-dandruff shampoo available in the market. It is very important that one uses the shampoo correctly on the scalp to get rid of the problem. One should apply the shampoo uniformly on the scalp and should leave it on the scalp for five to seven minutes. Then only you can get the best result.

But even then the problem is not sorted out then you can say that you are suffering from severe dandruff problem. The reason can be either excessive fungal growth or any problem related to skin. In that case you should contact your dermatologist the sooner the better.
Though no one can say for sure that dandruff can be the reason for excessive hair fall but one cannot reject it also. Therefore it is very important that you take care of your hair properly so that you will not face any problem related to dandruff.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 12/03/2013    Points:3    

I had always heard of skin problems in winter days. But getting to read about hair problem in these chilly days is the first time for me. And probably that''s why it was a pleasure reading the article. Dandruff has always giving me headaches. I will have to see how the anti-dandruff shampoo works this time around. Thanks for a great article.

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