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What does success mean ?

December 04, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 1107

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts..


You hear people talking about so and so person/s being successful in life and how they have been lucky or hard working which made them achieve success.But when we actually think about it ,what exactly does this word success mean? Is it measured in the amount of money one makes or is it popularity that counts or is it personal satisfaction that matters or is it all of these ? More importantly can a person be successful all the time and hold on to it all through his or her life ?

Personally, I would prefer to take one thing at a time since putting our fingers in too many pies may make our hands messy without having achieved anything, leave alone succeed.I have always liked this quote - 'Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts'.

Successful people are admired

This goes without saying - In Life people generally are looking up to other people who they feel are successful. And the criteria is different to different people since there are different measuring sticks for success.

Some firmly believe that having a lot of wealth or fame makes other people successful and happy little realising that too much wealth comes with its own practical problems . Some other people feel that one has to take a lot of risks to achieve success, and hard work and the resultant reward is what success is all about, while some others believe that we need to carefully plan our lives to become successful. What I have felt is that it is difficult to define success successfully. It is different to different people. It also depends on what strata of life you come from !

Most people want to attain success in life and make plans to do that. They set goals, motivate themselves and try and achieve these goals. But can one stop at one goal in life? since there are other goals to be achieved as we grow and mature and work to be done towards achieving them. For many others, it leading a comfortable life without any major upheavals, that denotes success.

No one admires a person who is a failure with respect to his or her job or relationships. People like those people who are able to manage their career, finances and relationships satisfactorily ! This is true of all of us. We like to speak about successful people in glowing terms and put down or belittle those who have been less fortunate.

What does success mean to an average person?

1, For an average person, coming from a middle class family , success means having a steady job and doing everything possible to hold on to it and better himself or herself. Career is the most important aspect in life since it makes one financially stronger and self reliant.

2, Secondly, a contented family life is important. Having a loving and caring spouse who is also understanding and is able to manage the household within what the family earns is indeed a great blessing .Children too matter since their success is our success.

3, Achievement in any field is also part of being successful and most middle class families are perpetually trying to do that. They want to climb social and class ladders so that they are looked up by others as being successful and having reached new heights.

4, Acquisition of Money, property, gold - in general any kind of asset is also part of this race ,because most people definitely would link success to assets and money the two yardsticks of success.

Success and Greed

Where does one draw the line ? Where does success give way to greed?

In today's world when money and a place in the society means everything to people ,it is but natural that some become greedy and go to any lengths to achieve this. They may even take to illegal means to earn success which to them represents wealth and status only.
A person along with hard work may look for other means so that his or her success is guaranteed. He may get some political influence and also use bribe as a means of achieving this.

Does a success that is achieved through such dubious means mean anything? For most people it does since their thinking capacity gets clouded in their rat race for achieving success.


Success in life is not limited to any one field only ! we some great philosophers and great people being looked up with respect and admiration because of their contributions to the society. They may not have much wealth but does it matter ?

One should remember that there is no need to be super successful in everything that you do, what is far more important is the satisfaction and happiness that you get out of doing those things ! Even a small step forward should be taken as a step in the right direction, a step towards success.

Instead of measuring success through our bank balance and popularity, it is better to start looking towards more concrete achievements namely contentment and inner peace. At different stages in our life we achieve something or the other and the sum total of all this is what makes us have the confidence and interest to achieve more and go on with life with renewed energy.

Finally, we must remember that most of us have limitations and we cannot be successful at everything we do. So try to identify your strong points and also weak points and work on both. This makes sure that you are able to succeed in some and are constantly improving in others.

Author: Shikha Gupta        
Posted Date: 12/09/2013    Points:1    

i found the content gr8. looking forward for more such articles.
Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 12/18/2013    Points:1    

Thanks a lot Shikha Gupta for the feedback, glad that you liked the article , will try my best to write better articles ...

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