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Tips for choosing a secure password

December 10, 2013  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 828

Passwords can be hacked and traced. It is best to know some tips to have better passwords and here they are for choosing a secure password.


Your password is your key to your account on the internet. And it is very important to remember that this key can be hijacked by anyone and at any time. There have been innumerable examples where such things have happened before. Accounts are compromised, sensitive information is accessed and a lot more serious can also take place.
Recently, a couple of million accounts belonging to members of mega sites like Google, Yahoo!, Twitter and Facebook were hacked. That has again raised concerns over security of members and their private and sensitive information. You have to understand one thing. Such threats will always be there. To keep yourself out of such threats is to remain cut off from the internet (well, doesn't sound a good suggestion at all).
Go for combo passwords
If you have more accounts on various sites, you can use a combination of two passwords for creating your new password. See, that is very easy to generate as it is not a new password, but just a mixture of two passwords. Using such two passwords is pretty much likely to give you a new password that will be more secure and stronger.
Choose lengthy passwords
Choosing lengthy passwords can also come in handy. In fact, many sites suggest using long passwords. That is difficult to guess at random and more likely to keep it safe from the spying eye. When choosing such passwords, do remember not to use popular words as combinations. Otherwise, it will be no use getting a long password. It can still be traced out in such a case.
Many web sites tell you the strength of the password. So you can choose accordingly if you are opening a new account anywhere on the web. Do not use less than 10 letters. More than that, anything is fine as long as you are fine with the password.
Use upper and lower cases
Make use of the upper case (capital letters) and lower case (small letters) to construct your password. That will make your password more difficult to choose. Keep one thing in mind when using upper and lower cases. Do not use the capital letter at a point that makes it easier to guess.
E.g. instead "BabysDayOut", you can go for "BabySdayoUt" or any such combination that will not place the block letter which is also the beginning of a new word.
Avoid common information about you
It is possible that there is some basic information about you that is already known in your friend circle or in a certain community online. The sensitive information could be your phone number or your birth date. Never set these things as your passwords. Moreover, almost all of these are numbers and letters are missing. That is also not a good idea to select a password.
Use words as your passwords that are totally away from you in every possible way. Try to avoid the names as passwords of the famous celebrities you follow, the places you have visited or any such thing that may be connected to you in any way.
Change your passwords often and this helps too. It is vital that you give priority to your safety when you are roaming about the web. Do not share your sensitive information with anyone. And strictly avoid giving away your passwords, even to your friends, leave alone to strangers.


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