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Assessing People based on First Impressions

December 11, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 1006

It is only in some rare cases that first impressions carry through all your life. Positive or negative, people remain the same.


Is it right? Can we base our judgments on first impressions ?

This is something that many of us are unable to answer since it is difficult to do so. Some people are like an open book who can be slotted the moment you meet them whereas some are not that easy to judge.

Before assessing people and judging them, is it not better when we interact and come to know the person fairly well before forming any impressions. First impressions do tend to make lasting impressions in some cases, but that is only until there is more interaction between two people. So, when it is a case of forming long and firm relationships we should not be hasty in making judgments.

Are first impressions lasting impressions ?

There are some cases where our first impressions prove to be the lasting impressions of a person . Is this right ? And will this impression last through our life ?

But going by one's experience with people , one can safely say that it is not right to assess a person depending on the first impressions. It is possible that the person was in a bad mood or in an extremely good mood ,and so at one's worst or best behavior when we met them . Hence it is better to wait and watch before coming to any conclusions. We do come across people who seem to be arrogant and unfriendly only to later realise that the opposite is the case.

Most people as I already said base their first impressions based on their own prejudices and may make a hasty judgment which is not fair to the person concerned. Personally speaking, I have been proved wrong time and again that first impressions are never lasting impressions. People have either shown some memorable traits or disappointed me completely.

There are times when we have to judge a person through first impression
Like for example when you go for a formal or business meeting, first impression always does count. You enter the place of interview and it is your personality and the way you carry yourself and speak and make an impression that matters and you are judged based on that and by your academic performance or whatever the job requirements are.

Here people respect you depending on your capabilities and the interviewers are capable of seeing through any pretence . They are capable of coming to a conclusion after taking into consideration many other traits all of which are brought out by their questions.

Never make rash judgments about people

1, People generally come across as themselves only after we meet them many times under different situations and circumstances . We need to give time before judging anyone. Sometimes people show unexpected sides to their nature during times of stress, may be negative or positive depending on their personality traits and their upbringing.

2, First impressions do tend to make lasting impressions in some cases when the person considers does something outrageous or has some special traits . At the same time with more interaction between people the whole impression might change. So, it is not fair to judge a person after meeting him/her just once. At a personal level it is best that we be honest and be ourselves instead of trying to create false impressions with strangers.

3,With some people that we meet for the first time we do feel some vibes, either positive or negative or no vibes at all with some. This first impression, does make an impact and might in some cases pave a way for the future relationship between people. It could also be intuition that makes us get these strong, sure feelings about people.

4, However, they may not be the true impressions of a person. At the most, It may give us an indication of an individual's personality, and one cannot base one's judgment based wholly on that one first impression.


Over the years I have come to realsie that people can change and do change depending on circumstances, though basic nature does not change, so, it is not right to base our assumptions on first impressions . People change due to circumstances unless a person is so rigid that he or she would rather face difficulties rather than change.

Some people who I was not sure about turned out to be the nicest people ever and vice versa . So, it is best to spend time and study people before actually judging them, and, this may take a life time , since we are all constantly changing and evolving depending on our life circumstances and experiences.

It is only in some rare cases that first impressions carry through all your life. Positive or negative, people remain the same. This happens with rigid personalities who maintain an orderly disciplined life style and do not open up to anyone. They would rather keep their emotions well guarded and secretive. But most of times this does not happen . We need to treat people with respect and care without being judgmental about them. It is only when we send out positive vibes can we expect the same from them.

To conclude , before assessing people and judging them , one should interact and come to know the person fairly well.


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