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Spending time with your kids

December 17, 2013  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.35   Views: 976

Spending time with your kids is important thing these days as you will be able to give him the right kind of values.


Inculcating the right values in kids and children is very important. For that to happen it must happen at the right age.The tender age of the children should be recognized and should be dealt with in the right way. It is very important that you do not sustain with only one sort of thing to bring your kids on track.
There are different ways of handling the children. However, here we will be talking about why it is important to spend time with your children.
Live the world of your kid
You never know what your kid could be hiding from you. There are things that your child might have shared with his friends, but not with the family members. It does not matter if you will enjoy being with your kid in his world or feel low or reluctant. Your kid may feel like you are encroaching on his private space. But that may happen or is likely to happen only initially. Once your child become used to it, there won't be any problems between you two.
Become your child's friend
How many of the parents are the friends of their children? In his edge of cut-throat competition, the image of the parents on the children's minds is that of a bully. The more you try to bully your kids, the more they will go away from you. This will not serve any purpose at all. It is very important that you behave like a child with your child, of course, with some exceptions.
Dine together
This may look a very trivial or even laughable concept to speak of. But dinning together will provide you at least one chance to talk with your children freely. At least one sitting should be enough for a day. Use this time to talk about the family, your kid himself or anything that is related to him in any way. Avoid talking about unrelated topics and focus should remain on your teen.
Go for a ride or a walk
Parents should invariably take their kids to a walk or a ride as the way the schedule permits. It can be the best way to strike a new topic. A ride would be preferred as when the two of you or your family is in the car, you do not need the eye contact to happen every time, which may take place due to the slow pace of the walk.
Talk on current affairs
A talk on current affairs, sports, politics or any latest news for that matter will give you another opportunity to spend time with your child. Ask him his views. That will also make him thinking. Put up a small argument crossing the thoughts that your kid expresses. And ultimately just give in. Let him win and feel like a winner. And don't forget to tell him that they will be having a similar discussion very soon.
All these things will keep your child engaged in the right kind of activities and not get lost in his age and fall in any bad company. Moreover, all this will also help in imbibing the right kind of values at an early age.
Parenting is an art these days and these tips should help you in mastering it.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 12/27/2013    Points:2    

Good tips, we need to develop in them an all round personality and make them aware of their responsibilities as well as rights.The most important aspect of parenting involves bringing up future citizens who contribute positively to the soviety without being a burden on it.

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