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Who Won in the Delhi Election?

December 24, 2013  by: Ravikumar Ambadi  Points: 12   Category: Political  Earning $0.40   Views: 860

The formation of government with the support of congress can be a foolish act by a wise person. With this single act Arvind Kejarwal has helped BJP to boost their image and popularity.


Till yesterday, it was Arvind Kejrival and his Aam Admi Party has been considered the real winners of the elections held last month for New Delhi Assembly. Although he and his party could not reach the magic figure of 36, winning in 28 seats was a big thing to a party that is just one year old. In India, a new party winning elections is not a new thing. Earlier in Andhra Pradesh, NTR has come to power immediately after plotting the new political party Telugudesham. Similarly in Assam too AGP came to power within a year of its formation. However, the difference in the victory of AAP is that it contested elections on ideas and ideologies and not on sentiments.
When the then prime minister and congress head kept of changing chief ministers in Andhra Pradesh, NTR came with the slogan of save Andhra Pride. This slogan went well with the common man and he could win the elections easily. Similarly in Assam, the sons-of-the-soil was the very basic issue for the emergence of Assam Gana Parishath. New Delhi, the national capital is but not a place to play such sentiments. It is a mini India and people belong to all religions, casts and states are residing here. No sentiments will work here. In such a place, Arvind Kejriwal has come out with a valid slogan which attracted the common man.
Fortunately, Arawind Kejariwal got the support of the unseen god's hand too. The party which came out of the enthusiasm created by the fasting against corruption of Anna Hazare, got another lift during the agitation to register protest against the Delhi gang rape case. Irresponsible behavior of the then chief minister of Delhi and some police officers came as a boon to Kejriwal. Influence of social media among the new generation is another reason for the popularity gained by Kejariwal and his Aam Admi Party.
Thus he won the elections fighting for a cause. Unfortunately he could not manage the necessary majority to form the government. BJP, the largest single party in the assembly kept out of claiming to form a ministry on the basis that they could not get absolute majority. Although AAP too followed the suit first, they changed their stand and now forming a government with the support of Congress whom they alleged as culprits in many corruption cases. And this decision is the major failure of AAP as a political party.
Along with Delhi, elections were held for another three states also. Everywhere congress had to face humiliating defeat. This clearly indicates that people are bored with the dirty politics and corruption and they want to see a new culture in politics. As there was no other option in other three states, BJP could won easily, but in Delhi, AAP also en-cashed on votes of morality. Thus BJP could not manage the absolute majority.
Sensing the mindset of people, BJP as a party of seasoned politicians took a firm stand not to take any outside support. It was easy for them to manage the support of another four persons if they want to form a government. But they restrained from forming a government by horse trading. They were very sure that it will harm their image and will affect in the coming parliamentary elections. They were not ready to sacrifice the central rule for the sake of a state. But, without much experience in practical politics, Arvind Kejriwal fall prey to the dirty games of Congress. After tasting a severe defeat, congress does not want to face one more election before the parliament elections. Besides, they fear that BJP may come in power if the elections were conducted for a second time. Then many of the allegations of scams will be investigated. Although, AAP has also declared the same thing, Congress leaders think that they can postpone those investigations till next parliament elections and then they can withdraw the support and face election.
Here the BJP emerges as the ultimate winner of the New Delhi Election. BJP created an image as a party that is not thirsty for power. Secondly, if AAP government delays the inquiry into various scams, they can label them as a 'B' team of congress. If they start investigations immediately, congress has no other way except withdrawing the support. This will certainly give BJP a chance to prove that congress is protecting corrupted people. In any way BJP is going to be the ultimate winner.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 12/27/2013    Points:3    

That''s a real good question you asked - Who won in the Delhi election? But I don''t think we still have the answers. It will be too premature to comment on this thing right now. Time will tell the answer. The new CM has promised things to deliver in 24 hours if I am not wrong. How Mr. Kejriwal keeps his promise will be an interesting thing to watch. I am sure he will come out victorious.
Author: Ravikumar Ambadi        
Posted Date: 12/28/2013    Points:7    

Dear Abhijit,
You are right when you say that we have to wait and watch for the answer, but if we go with the history of Indian democracy, we will made to think a bit negatively. I hope that Mr. Kejriwal will do the best and think that he would have done the best if he had the absolute majority and did not have to depend on any established political parties to rule.However in the present scenario, I don''t think that he can do much. Increase in the price of LNG is one good example for it. As you are aware, almost entire Delhi public moves on LNG and this increase in the price may result in the increase in the DTC charges.His commitment of providing water to every house hold etc need more support from the central government as well as from the neighboring states as Delhi is not self sufficient in water. Do you think that the established political parties in India, all of them are working in the similar pattern will support a new entity, that too with a different style of working to sustain?
Author: Saurabh        
Posted Date: 01/11/2014    Points:6    

Dear Ravikumar,

I think, the decision of AAP to take support from Congress has not hampered its image a lot. Actually, AAP has managed to keep distance from Congress by asking them for support on the 15 points and also carrying out the referendum from Delhi people. Also, if AAP wouldn''t have formed government in spite of having unconditional Congress support, they would have been criticized for wasting public money by forcing the state to anther election.
Now, AAP should concentrate on delivering in Delhi and setting an example. In my opinion, AAP should not contest Loksabha election. That would only help UPA by dividing anti-congress votes. Also, that may result in another hung assembly. Current economic condition of our country can not afford uncertainty, hung assembly. Instability will only worsen the economic situation of our country.

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