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15 Helpful Tips on Gardening

December 27, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.20   Views: 1165

Gardening can be a lot of fun and for a beginner it is a challenge to grow a plant and see it thriving under your care ...


Gardening as we all know is one of the healthiest hobbies that one can cultivate. Besides spending time in the open air amidst nature, it also keeps you in shape since gardening involves physical exercise.It is also a great stress reliever.

I am writing down 15 helpful tips that might come in useful while gardening.

1, When you are repotting a plant if the soil around the plant is dry , add plenty of water so that water flows down and then loosen the sides with a stick or a garden fork and gently pull out the plant.

2, An ideal soil mix for the plants should have the following composition - One part of Sand, 2 parts of garden soil, one part of manure and one part of mulch which could be dry rotting wood, dry leaves or a mixture of both this. Mix them all thoroughly and use while repotting.

3, Gardening jobs can involve the accumulation of dirt under your fingernails and this is difficult to get rid of. To prevent this from happening draw your fingernails across a bar of soap so that your nails get sealed with the soap and dirt cannot collect beneath them. Once you are through with your gardening job, use a nailbrush to remove the soap and thoroughly wash your hands .Your nails will remain sparkling clean.

4, Cool and use the water that gets accumulated at the bottom of your pressure cooker and potato peels by adding to your potted plants. The nutrients in the peel and the water does wonders for the plants.

5, Used leftover tea leaves and coffee powder to acid-loving plants. In fact most flowering plants do well when you add used tea leaves around the stem and cover it with some fresh soil. You can do this every now and then but make sure that you water regularly..

6, When you have very little space in your garden and are unable to store gardening tools properly, all you have to do is place them in an empty plastic pot and keep it among your plants so that it is conveniently available whenever you feel the need.

7, You can grow vegetables in plastic bags - Take a sturdy cement bag or any other large plastic bag and make a couple of holes at the bottom and sides. Layer the bottom of the bag with broken pieces of tile or terracotta and large pebbles. This should cover all the holes. Now add a layer of coarse sand and a layer of rotten wood chips, dry leaves and bark. Spread the gardening soil on top of this. You can now plant any vegetable seedling into this and keep it in a sunny place and water it every day. From my experience Tomatoes, green chilies, mint leaves, Brinjals and Ladies finger plants grow very well in plastic bags.

8, Make a solution of warm soapy water and add some neem oil to this mixture .Spray your rose plants and other flowering plants with this liquid. You can get rid of pests easily without buying a chemical spray which can be harmful if children are around.
9, Used coal preserves water during summer months. You can spread a few pieces of coal around the plants in your pot. This helps the soil retain its moisture to a greater extent thereby benefitting the plant.

10, If for some reason you are unable to repot your plant , you can do the following which takes care of the nutritional need of the plants - Dig out about 2 inches of the top soil around the stem taking care not to hurt the plant. Replace with manure mixed with the same soil and water regularly. You will see a noticeable difference in your plant. It perks up within a matter of days.

11, Try to arrange plants in groups if you intend to keep them near the entrance of your house or in your balcony. Plants are social beings and they thrive in company. Keep at least 2 or three different varieties of plants together which adds to the beauty as well as health of the plants since they do well in company.

12, As the plant grows and branches out, it is better to pinch out the top two leaves so that it grows bushy and not grow tall and strappy. The bushier the plant is the more attractive and lush it looks and if it is a flowering plant , you get more flowers by doing this.

13, Palm trees and plants an attractive addition to your outdoor or indoor garden. If you have a corner in your garden that needs to be covered so that you get some privacy the best thing to do would be to plant a palm tree. Palm trees grow very quickly and in no time you will have an attractive corner in your garden. If you want to keep a smaller plant indoors make sure that it is kept next to a window where it receives enough light. Water only when the top soil is dry.

14, Making compost at home is not difficult at all. If you have the convenience you can dig a pit in one corner of your garden and add all kitchen waste like vegetable peel, fruit peel, used tea leaves, even fish waste etc. Cover it with soil and sprinkle some water. Once the pit is full , leave it for one or two months after which it can be dug out and used as manure for your plants. If you don't have the space to make a pit, you can make compost in a large plastic barrel or tub using the same method.

15, The best thing to do while starting a garden is to start small. When you choose that you want to get involved with gardening, you might wonder where exactly to start. For a beginner it might appear overwhelming to think of all the things that are involved. Start with one plant that is relatively easy to grow like money plant and then go on to others like a cactus or a fern. Never buy exotic expensive plants right at the beginning unless you know how to care for it and maintain it. I see many people buying expensive orchids and other exotic plants and regretting later when the plant dies because it did not receive proper care.

Take one step at a time and enjoy what you are doing and read and gain knowledge about gardening before experimenting on your own. With experience and confidence you too will be able to have a beautiful collection of plants in your garden.


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