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Tips for ambitious parents

December 29, 2013  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 1096

Here are some tips for ambitious parents who are looking and hungry for success of their kids.


Many parents these days have grown more ambitious than their own kids. They see the dreams in their children that they couldn't fulfill themselves. They kind of think that their children are the medium through which they can make their dreams to come true. Sure, they do encourage them in that and make everything available to them. But how right is that, especially when the kid isn't interested in what its parents are asking him to do?
Don't see your dreams in your child
Many ambitious parents, these days, want their children to fulfill their dreams that they couldn't fulfill in their young ages. That is totally absurd, at least in my view. Every person, every individual is unique and is different from the other. Just because you gave birth to your child, doesn't mean he will be like you. So, give him his own space and the power to choose what he likes and allow him to do that.
Encourage him in what he does well
Apart from spending time with your kid, it is vital that you inspire and encourage him to achieve success in what he does best. If you are able to provide the financial support, go for it. That will give your child more confidence to strive hard to realize his dreams. Don't force your dreams on him, enjoy in what he achieves.
Do a project with him
If you find that your kid is good at a certain topic, encourage him to do a project on that certain topic. It will be good if you help him in that. That will give him confidence and the assertion that you are there to support him in what he likes. And as a parent it is vital that you too understand this. Let your child live and realize his dreams, not yours.
Never compare your child with anyone else
Never compare your child with anyone else as this can easily give him the feeling of being low and laid down. The feeling is even more obvious if your child is dull than the one you are comparing to. Parents must remember that everyone is unique and different and it is not wise to compare any two entities. Many times parents pressurize their children to perform better in studies just because they may not have to answer tough questions in the society.
Step in your child's mind
Parents hardly think on the lines of their children. If you do this, you will certainly feel the difference. A father or a mother has to 'think' the way their child thinks as far as the career or chasing the dreams is concerned. Many times, parents are overwhelmed by certain things or are under totally wrong impressions. This can spoil the childhood of your kid and make him a brat.
Allow your child to live his childhood
Many times parents keep pestering their kids to do only a few certain things. These things are mostly those things that the elderly people want to be done. Kids these days are not the ones of the olden days. Today, children can differentiate between what they are forced to do and what they want to do.
Do not define your child's success in your way. Do not set your own benchmarks and parameters. Children are smarter these days. Allow them to be what they want to be, but with caution.


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