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Taking care of our Environment

January 02, 2014  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Environment  Earning $1.00   Views: 1207

If each one of us does his or her bit in taking care and nurturing nature there would be no cause for worry. So the question is how do we go about it ?


Our environment is one of the most important things that we should take care of since it is the only place where we can live, grow and thrive . Not many people give a thought that this is what we will be passing on to our children and generations down the line. So, is it not our duty to take care rather than abuse the environment which is exactly what is happening now?

There is no point in blaming the politicians, leaders and others for what is happening around us although they are part of the problem. However, if each one of us does his or her bit in taking care and nurturing there would be no cause for worry. So the question is how do we go about it ?

Have you ever thought what could happen if we did not care for the environment?

1, First of all we should realise that we are totally dependent on the environment and mother nature for our very existence. You may find that there is no place left for growing food stuff or what is left has become so polluted that nothing grows in it.

2, Such a state of affairs where plants don't grow and the water resource is drying up will eventually lead to death of animals and us human beings. So, unless we take care now , such a thing can easily happen in the future as population grows and spreads.

3, Environmentalists have been warning a global disaster if care is not taken now. We see the negative impact already happening with ice melting in the polar regions and the temperatures steadily climbing higher during summer months. We also see an imbalance in the temperatures in some regions where summer months have become unbearably hot and winter months , unbearably cold.

What can we do?

1, We need to start early right from childhood. Children are the future citizens of our country and we have to instill in them a love for nature and make them understand that they too have a role to play in preserving the environment. This has to come at both home and school level. Telling them stories about the importance of nature and also making them a part of nature activities is one way of doing it ! I remember we used to have gardening classes when I was studying and we were given a small patch of land where we had to grow plants, identify them and take care of them every day by watering and keeping the patch clean. I doubt if there is time nor the willingness for such activities in today's world where success is measured with a yard stick of money and power.

2, Saving energy is another very important factor to be considered. Here too it is essential to make sure that children don't waste water, electricity or gas which are all precious commodities. In fact, we need to teach even elders to use these prudently and wisely. I see many housewives using power and gas thoughtlessly thereby wasting energy. Similarly water without which we will never be able to survive , needs to be conserved instead of being wasted.

3, Recycling materials is one way of conservation. Paper and wood needs to be conserved as far as possible since both come from trees and without forest cover we would find the climatic conditions of our planet going haywire. So, make sure that you use up everything to the last bit instead of discarding and polluting your environment. Old papers , books and magazines can be sold instead of being burnt , similarly old furniture can be preserved by taking good care of them. Most of the old furniture is sturdy, mellow with age and elegant and it is in our hands to see that they are taken good care of.

4, Make sure that you respect animals and plants that are part of this planet. We need to take care of all animals whether they are pets or wild roaming in the jungle. Nature has created everything with a purpose and when we let them have the freedom to live life as they want, they will not come in our way. But we human beings are greedy and are now taking over their habitat and destroying forest cover which forces them to stray into villages and cities. When that happens we hunt them down which is totally unfair. Instead if we introspect , it is not difficult to analyse why this is happening. It is in our own interest and the interest of the animals to see that their habitat is preserved.

5, As and when we can, we should try and reduce the use of chemicals in our everyday life. There are many alternatives t chemical cleaners like products made from neem and other natural products. Similarly try to use home- made beauty products which are as effective and less damaging on sensitive skins since there are no chemicals used. Making compost at home with vegetable waste and plant refuse reduces the use of chemical fertilisers.

6, Make sure that you become part of the green movement by growing at least one or two plants of your own. If you are living in an apartment where there is very little space, you can have at least one or two easy to grow indoor plants like money plant, Goosefoot plant or some herbs like mint or coriander growing on a window sill. Also, when there is injustice being done to the environment in your area like trees being cut unnecessarily and natural water resources being filled up to make way for buildings, protest and show that you are against anything that destroys nature. You don't have to go out on the streets , since there are different platforms now to show your displeasure. Al that is required is for you to be well informed and stay mentally tuned to environmental issues.

7, Last but not least,make sure that you care for everyone around you - like your own children, family, extended family especially thge elderly people like your own parents,grand parents and in laws and friends. Most of us get caught in the rat race of every day living and forget all about finer things like relationships which are very important for our well being ! Give respect and take respect is a phrase I have always loved since it says a lot about human feelings. A healthy, mentally sound and happy family, sends out positive vibes all around them and this reflects in all our action including the way we react to our surroundings and environment.


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