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Benefits of Walking

January 08, 2014  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.90   Views: 948

Brisk walking makes you feel healthier and adds a natural glow to your skin.


These days most people are health conscious, because our life style has made sure that we need to take extra special care unlike yester years, when people led simpler lives. Their lifestyle consisted of hard physical labor and a sensible diet which made them healthy and with no need for any special exercise routine unlike today. There were no gadgets to grind, wash and also most of their shopping and movement was done through walking which kept them fit and healthy.

Today's reality

A normal household these days consists of a couple with one or two children, both the parents working and the children , if they are small they are left at the cresch or with maids, rarely with grandparents too. Children and the parents largely depend on the maid and many middle class households with working couple too depend on maids who are free to do what they want when the owners are away and cooks who feed them whatever they feel like cooking !

The couple are dead tired by the time they are through with their work and on reaching home there are other things to be taken care of. But their work consists of either sitting for hours together in front of the computer or in front of files most of the time, with no room for any physical exersion. It is the same routine when they reach home .They may do some cleaning and a little kitchen work, eat dinner and watch TV, cater to the needs of their children all of which are no doubt demanding but don't make them physically tired enough to keep them fit.

When this life style goes on for a decade you see the couple putting on weight and as they prosper and earn more , they buy more gadgets that help them further reduce any kind of physical labor. The end result is they suffer from high Blood pressure, Diabetes or heart related problems, pain in their joints .All this can be avoided by taking care right from the beginning.

Walking your way to health and fitness

The best way to keep fit is to walk and exercise. Since you need time and place for exercise, it is easier and more practical to incorporate walking into your life style.

I have a colleague who weighed 89 KGs at 42 years and she was finding it extremely difficult to climb stairs when there was no lift. She was unable to sit on the floor because of her protruding tummy and massive hips. Finally,a day came when she collapsed with High BP. She was advised to take rest and her doctor warned her saying that unless she took immediate measures and changed her life style that was one of comfort and absolutely no physical exercise things could get even worse.

This was the beginning and she did take some measures like climbing the three floors to the office every day and going for a short walk of 15 minutes after lunch which also made sure that she was climbing the three floors again. Some changes were made in her diet too which helped. She also began going for walks in the evenings at least 3 -4 times a week.

Initially when she did not lose any weight during the first month she began to feel discouraged but she kept on because she had no other go and by the second month she began to lose weight steadily and felt lighter and more active .This spurred her on to work out more and walk regularly.

Brisk walking does wonders for your system. It rejuvenates your entire body and limbs. Your body begins to feel like a well oiled machinery that works and functions smoothly without squeaking. It also helps your mind stay clear since you are outdoors while walking.

Ideally if you have a park close to your home with trees and a walking jogging path there is nothing like it. You can walk without any fear of colliding with oncoming traffic or inhaling exhaust from the vehicles.

A few helpful points

1, Walk briskly for at least 30 minutes, at a stretch to have any positive impact on your body. We need to warm up and that process takes at least 10 -15 minutes .

2, Make sure that you walk 150-200 minutes each week to begin losing weight. On the other hand if you are not too bothered about losing weight you can reduce the time.

3, Inhale and exhale deeply at least 5-6 times each time you walk. This keeps your lungs healthy and cleaning pushing out stale air.

4,Personally, when I am walking in the evenings, I plan my next day's routine since I can do so without any disturbance or distraction . This is why I prefer walking alone. I have heard many people complain saying that they have no company to walk with. I would say that it is any day better to walk alone rather than go with someone else. You may have to slow down your pace or make idle talk all of which don't help you.

5, Make sure that you have a good pair of walking shoes that fit you well. You should feel as if you are wearing nothing on your feet and have the freedom to move around freely.

6, Finally, initially you may have some hiccups and you may even give up walking at the slightest reason. So you need to be mentally strong and think of the many health advantages. Brisk walking not only makes you lose weight, it also makes you look younger since your limbs become flexible and supple and your skin glows with health and natural glow. Does one need any more reason for walking ?


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