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The Role of Religion And God In Our Lives

January 23, 2014  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.90   Views: 1017

There is no denying that religion is very much part of our lifestyle and it has invaded into every aspect of our life today !


Religion according to sociologists is very much a man made institution like marriage and family is . God and Religion are interlinked and as far as history goes God too is a man made institution. Of course, the believers argue otherwise with non believers putting forth their own arguments against it. But there is no denying the fact that today both God and Religion have become an important segment of our society no matter which part of the world you are living in.

Many theories on God

There are many theories on the existence of God and as many theories on whether God exists at all ? However, we can safely say that God was something that existed before various religions came into being. According to one theory God and nature are one and the same.
Personally my own belief is that fear came first - against nature's fury and then came appeasement and worship which slowly developed into the concept of God .Religion, I feel came much later and with it different kind of gods.

The very nature of god and religion shows how human in nature both these concepts are . A god who according to people and religious leaders, gets angry if you don't worship him and blesses those who pray before him sounds more like a power hungry human being rather than a super human who is above such petty considerations! There are different kinds of depictions of God in different religious beliefs.

Religion and its hold on society

Religion came into being with people becoming more intelligent and also realising that there is a need to control human greed and lust for power . Religion and fear of god must have stemmed from such a need - a need to regulate human behavior. One noteworthy thing is that all religions preach more or less the same thing but fail to practice what they preach !

One can see that it has been successful in regulating human behavior to some extent and the reason is simple - it is precisely because God is an unknown entity and therefore you never know whether God exists or not, so why take a chance.

The stress laid on sin and morality is another aspect that has helped society further regulate human behavior especially with people who lean more towards empowering themselves with excessive greed ,violence and power. Religious leaders do try to advice them and there have been many cases in the history where people turn to religion as a last resort , reforming their behavior after having lead a life filled with of crime of violence.
Religion has also been a tool in the hands of religious leaders since they are the interpreters of religion and have a great sway on the Public opinion.

Some Pros and Cons of Religion


1, As I already pointed out Religion has been helpful in regulating human behavior to a great extent ever since it came into existence. This is a major positive role of religion which cannot be overlooked.

2, It has also been a unifier of masses since the believers of a particular faith or belonging to a particular religion tend to stick together since they have common interest. They help each other out and come together when they celebrate festivities. We see most of the religious places also become social hang outs where people exchange greetings and chat for a while.

3, For lonely people religion provides a sanctuary since they can spend time in the religious places and in most religious places there is also a support system where food and shelter is provided for the unfortunate and needy.

4, Religion can also take an active role in reforming a wayward person by proper counseling done by the religious leaders ( I explained this above)

5, It also encourages human beings to believe in something and draw strength from that belief or faith. We know that belief is far more important and stronger than religion and god itself which are symbolic.


1, Religion can easily be manipulated since the scriptures and other old documents are in the possession of religious leaders who are able to use it to their advantage and interpret it as they want.

2, Religion has been the cause of excessive violence and religious wars which in itself shows that far from regulating human lust for violence it has encouraged human beings to commit heinous crimes against each other..

3, Religion has in fact divided people. With growing knowledge and intelligence human beings also realised that religion and god is a very powerful tool to mislead, control and manipulate people and that is what they are doing today ! Every single religion is being manipulated by its leaders and anyone else who is hungry for power.

4, It also divides people by making it nuclear. We see so many inter religious disputes and wars being fought where each religion claims it is superior to all other religions and so on.


Can we live without Religion ? I feel it is not possible to do so since religion has become deep rooted institution that has become a way of life. In spite of there being many negative factors religions still plays a very important role in human life.
People need to look up to something during their difficult times and they draw strength from their faith and god. For an average person life centers around religion in every aspect - whether it is birth, marriage , career or death or any other event, all of them center around one's own religious belief .

So, the best thing to do is absorb what is good in your own religion without being fanatical about it and be broad minded enough to accept that religion is as important to other people as it is to you .


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