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Importance Of Etiquette and Social Graces

January 31, 2014  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 1376

When you want to better yourself as an individual it is but natural that you learn to be thorough with your manners and social graces.


Many people in India tend to think that Thank You and Sorry are shallow words and they don't really count. According to them these words are only used between friends or mere acquaintances and not within a family or close friends. I personally feel that they are wrong and are trying to cover up their own lack of etiquette and social grace when they argue in this manner. We see people screaming at each other at the top of their voice and make excuses saying that they were forced to react due to circumstances. Sometimes this may even lead to abuse and violence which will have far reaching consequences.

Taking many things like this into consideration , I beg to differ with those who consider social graces unimportant because no word is shallow having its own relevance and place in a society. As adults we ourselves need to learn to thank and genuinely feel sorry when a mistake is committed. Also, the earlier we teach our children these social graces the better it is for their overall personality development.It is a way of making them becoming socially aware of people rather than take anyone for granted. This awareness goes a long way in bringing in harmony around you. Social graces include manners and etiquette which are important to have when you are working with people.

Why is it important

Social grace is a form of respect given to those whom you may not know, most of us do not realise that we are judged by our actions however minor they may be . Respect is an important aspect in good human relationship and it comes through cordial exchange between people.

We see moral values and human elements slowly taking a back seat , even eroding these days and it is in the hands of parents and teachers to make the child a responsible citizen who is aware of his or her responsibilities towards the society and people around him/her. It is only when we bring up our children to respect and honor people that they become fair and compassionate in their dealings.

When someone does a favor or helps you out you show your appreciation by saying thank you which goes a long way in bonding relationships. If you were to accept any help and walk away without acknowledging the act you are being rude and uncaring about the other person's actions. So, it is only right that we say Thank you when we are at the receiving end from other people. When you thank someone for what he or she has done for you, it shows in your words and expression,this is how relationships grow and are nurtured.

Similarly, saying sorry shows that you have accepted your fault and feel bad about it. I also feel that when you say sorry it should be accompanied by actions and not remain mere words. Home is the first school for children and they learn all the social graces and etiquettes from there.

Helps build an overall personality

I personally feel that it is very essential to cultivate the habit of saying Good morning, hello , please , good night ,thank you and sorry when it is needed either in public or with your close ones. It is a basic requirement , which helps us realise and appreciate others and also accept our mistakes.A habit especially a good habit is needed everywhere, with strangers as well as with close family and friends.

These days Emotional Quotient is given a lot of importance since it takes your entire persona into account. Even at job interviews, these days , would be employers look for certain qualities in the staff they are going to hire. They look for people who are well mannered and are sensitive to issues that are much beyond the job requirements only.

A rounded personality is preferred to someone who is just a walking talking encyclopedia. The reason being that employers realise that when a person is able to go beyond mere job requirements he or she is able to perceive much more and also contribute more as a sensitive and aware individual rather than simply being just brainy and boring!


Children pick up on the behavior of others especially parents through observation and learn to emulate their elders, so it is important that you model social graces instead of simply teaching them and expecting them to master them.

Within a family, social graces are significant and these can help relationships grow at a faster pace. A few examples of the family behavior that will make it run more efficiently include giving unconditional respect to members, listening and not disrupting others when they are speaking and also cultivating good table manners. When you want to better yourself as an individual it is but natural that you learn to be thorough with your manners and social graces.


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