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Warning Signals of Ulcerative Colitis Infectious Disease

February 04, 2014  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 820

Question is what are warning signals of ulcerative colitis? What are numerous symptomatic signals which point to ulcerative colitis taking place in a patient? What are various warning signals which specify that you are patient of ulcerative colitis disease? Which fore-warnings indicate that an individual is suffering from ulcerative colitis?


Ulcerative colitis which if not controlled at time with help of various defensive measures, its inflammation of colon, if not treated at time with right medicinal action can turn into crucial complications like toxic mega colon or carcinoma of colon.

The different warning signals of ulcerative colitis infectious disease which indicate that a person is suffering from it are-

1. Patient suffering from ulcerative colitis disease customarily show signs of pallor, few of whom are conjunctiva of eye being pale yellowish, skin displays yellowish tint. Nails and hands do not demonstrate their pinkish tint; instead they express yellowish tint of pallor.

2. Haemoglobin test of individual found low which confirms anaemia occurring to patient. Acute sufferer of disease has fever when disease is in acute stage.

3. Suffering patient recently lost body weight in the meantime. Before suffering, body weight which person was having, he has lost a certain kilogram of it since this disease started inside his body.

4. Patient complaints of lot of gas in stomach, abdominal tenderness and rectal examination test done by examining physician give confirmation signs of peri-anal inflammation.

5. Complaints of fistula-in-ano along with typical ulcerative colitis stool which is watery and also contains mucus, blood and pus.

6. Various investigative tests which are used to confirm ulcerative colitis occurring in a person are-

a) In earlier stages, barium enema test can detect ulcerative colitis disease having irregularities of colon wall.

b) In advanced cases , two tests which are employed to detect disease-
. Number one test is barium enema test- which can detect ulcerative colitis along with toxic mega colon.
. Second laboratory test is endoscopy with biopsy- which can detect not only disease ulcerative colitis but also detect diffuse haemorrhagic inflammation which this disease causes.

7. If there establish haemorrhage, perforation or there occurs peri-anal and peri-rectal abscess along with above symptoms, or if there is any signal of toxic mega colon and carcinoma of colon on x-ray, then they are notice signs of advanced stage of ulcerative colitis which has gotten worse with complications.


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