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Remain active for continued good health

February 09, 2014  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 817

The more active we remain the healthier we feel, so it is very essential to remain active all the time ..


We see some people moving around all the time with restless eneergy and almost all such people are thin and trim, although being restless is not a very good sign. However, the point I am trying to make is that there is nothing as important as physical activity when it comes to health issues. Remaining active at all stages of our life is extremely important for continued good health. For most health problems we see that inactivity is the main cause. The more you remain active the more healthy and fit you remain .

Sickness comes to those who are unfit and obese

Most life threatening sicknesses come to those who are obese and are not physically fit. Some people tend to think that good food solves all their health issues. No doubt that Balanced nutritious food when taken in limits helps our body build strong resistance without adding on extra pounds. But if the person remains inactive, it will result in lethargy and gaining wanted weight. You have to eat well and exercise well to remain fit. At the same time eat wisely so that you don't gain unnecessary weight in spite of being active.

Similarly for those working on the net it is essential to set up a certain routine - sometimes when you are in the middle of something it is not possible to leave and go away every hour but one can compensate this by shutting off the system once the work is done and take up some other activity. I feel making a list of what is required to be done is very helpful since you are constantly being reminded of it which otherwise you tend to forget when you get immersed in work.

Make activity part of your day today routine. Like for instance doing at least some house work like hand washing clothes , watering the plants and any other job that you may be giving your maid to do. These days we speak a lot on our mobiles, so why not use those precious minutes to help our body and health? I make it a point to walk around the house from room to room at a brisk pace while speaking on the mobile phone. I am getting enough activity and can speak without feeling guilty of wasting time. In fact the longer the conversation the better work out for me !

Similarly when you are in the kitchen waiting for the cooker or for the curry to boil or for the vegetables to cook, try spot jogging for as long as it takes. It is definitely better than simply standing without doing anything.

Walking is the best exercise there is

A few months ago I had heard a neighbor who is very obese complaining about not having any opportunity to work out and when I had suggested walking to her she said, walking does not really help ! There was no point in pressing them when people give such answers without having tried it so I just kept quiet.

What my neighbor did not realise was that she had wasted many precious hours waiting for the right kind of opportunity to work out, which, if she could have utilised for walking, she would definitely have lost a few pounds. Apparently, her obesity and lack of activity took a toll on her health and she had very high blood pressure which made her feel faint often. She was advised by her doctor to cut down on all fatty food and walk regularly.
Now she realises the importance of walking and regrets not having taken it up earlier.
In fact it is easy to incorporate walking into your lifestyle since there are many opportunities for us to walk. Going to the bank, post office, market all of which are done regularly and if one makes up one's mind , it is easy to walk everywhere instead of taking public transport or your own vehicle.


The most important thing is to remain active all the time and this in itself is like a tonic to our body since all the limbs and all parts of our body are being used and remain agile and flexible like a well oiled motor.

Unless we begin caring for our health and make exercise and walking a part of our lifestyle we may find that in later years our health may suffer and we age much faster than those who have been active all through their life.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 03/13/2014    Points:4    

Once Amitabh Bachchan was asked in the last season of KBC as to why he was working even at that age. He could rest at home and spend a pleasurable life. Why he should run after money? To this, the megastar promptly replied if one keeps oneself out of work and does nothing, all sorts of pains start troubling him.
For him, he said, he is fine as the work keeps him busy and healthy. There are automatically exercises for him all the day long. So, I think it was a witty answer from the superstar of the millennium.

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