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TIPS ,Tips and more tips - Household and Others

February 14, 2014  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.10   Views: 1373

Some useful kitchen and household tips that come in handy in our day today living ..


We can use tips at any stage.I myself look out for tips given by others and pass on some that may come in useful to others. Here are some more tips that I hope will be helpful!

Kitchen tips

1, If Your Jam or Marmalade has crystallised there is a way of putting it into good use. Heat some milk and add it to the jam and mix well . add some chopped fruits and cool to room temperature and chill. You have a dessert that is healthy and tasty.

2, Most of us face problems while storing cheese in the fridge since they tend to harden on the edges. To prevent this from happening you can add a few grains of sugar to the container in which you have stored the cheese and you will see that the cheese will not harden or dry up.

3, Many of us buy dhals like Channa, Massor or Tur in large quantities. Adding handful of salt crystals helps to prevent insects from attacking. Before cooking when we wash the dhal the salt melts away.

4, When you fry fish you have strong odor and grease spreading all over the stove and surfaces. To avoid this place damp newspaper on the shelves close to the stove and also on the open surfaces and most of the odor gets absorbed by the paper.

5, Make it a point to store lettuce, spinach or celery leaves wrapped in either newspaper or paper bags, to keep them fresh and crisp.

6, While making sandwiches or when you need to use butter in some dish take half the required quantity and add some thick creamy milk and beat the two together until creamy. This not only increases the quantity but also helps spread more easily !

7, You can enhance the taste and flavor of any dish by adding a pinch of garlic powder which you can make at home and store in containers - Peel garlic and dry the cloves in the sun for 5 - 6 days until they are crisp. Blend and store in containers.

8, If wine spills accidentally on your dress or a table cloth the best way of dealing with it is to dip the cloth in bubbling soda for a few minutes and wash with soap and water.

9, Adding a pinch of sugar and grated ginger to any vegetarian dish enhances its taste especially Cauliflower and Cabbage which tend to have a strong smell while cooking.

10, summer is round the corner and many a times we end up having milk getting spoilt. Don't despair, make a tasty dessert out of this. Beat two eggs with the milk adding sugar to taste and some vanilla essence. Whip the mixture until it is well blended. Butter a dish and add the mixture and steam it and you have a delicious pudding.

Household tips

1, To prevent a glass bowl from cracking , place a folded towel under it before pouring anything very hot into it.

2, To bring back the sheen into any gold, silver or zari work on your saree ,dress or a top - rub gently with a piece of cloth dipped in liquid ammonia. But take care to protect your hands with rubber gloves or thick cotton gloves.

3, Painting the walls in your house is a very expensive job these days and once done taking care of the walls is also not an easy job. Buy some extra emulsion paint and store it for future use.You can paint over the soiled parts as and when there is need so that your walls remain relatively fresh and clean for a longer period of time.

4,While arranging flowers in a vase add some sugar or glucose to the water in the vase. This will help to keep the flowers fresh for a longer time. You can also add a couple of pieces of charcoal into the vase.

5, Cane furniture tends to sag after use. If the seats of the cane chairs begin to sag, scrub the top and bottom portion with hot water to which some detergent and a handful of salt has been added. Dry the chairs completely before using them. The cane shrinks slightly with this treatment thereby making the seats regain their firmness.

6, If you have old pillow cases , you can make them into aprons by stitching ribbons on either side of it and adding some patch work design in the front for added color.

7, Many book lovers find it difficult to take care and preserve old books because of the weather and also attack by pests. One of the ways you can overcome this is by keeping neem leaves in between the pages.

8, There are times when we seal an envelope and later realise that we have forgotten to include something inside . When this happens just place the envelop in the freezer for an hour or two and the envelope will unseal without tearing!

9, To make your holiday travel easier make a list well in time so that you are able to think at leisure and include everything that is essential. When you do so at the last moment you tend to forget many things that need to be included.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 03/13/2014    Points:2    

Thanks for these tips, tips and good tips. I am indeed reading some of them for the very first time. And I did know some of them before, but were into oblivion. Thanks for reminding them all.
Author: Dinesh Xavier        
Posted Date: 04/09/2014    Points:1    

Great work.Thank you for valuable tips.This shows how you will take care of your household.Well, i have to reach more in this case.

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TIPS ,Tips and more tips - Household and Others
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