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Spring and Summer Time - Ideal time for gardening

February 26, 2014  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 3526

Spring and summer months are the best time of the year for gardening and for growing new plants.


Already we can see that winter is almost over and with the advent of Spring and Summer round the corner, we can feel the increasing heat here in India especially in my place, where the heat is becoming more and more intense during the day time. The greatest advantage that spring and summer brings is - for children, a long vacation after exams and the school session during summer and for housewives a time when to make papads and pickles although this practice is now dying out.

But the great thing is that this is also the time when one can do a lot of gardening since flowering plants and generally all plants do well during this period of the year , when watered and looked after well.

After the winter chill plants begin to perk up in the sun during the spring season and you can see new leaves and flower buds coming out in profusion and the fresh green leaves make the entire landscape beautiful. We see roads lined with flowering trees and trees adorned with masses fresh green leaves.

We can get the best out of these two seasons if we carefully plan a schedule for our plants and our garden. I am giving a few helpful tips that may come in handy for garden enthusiasts.

1, Cut back and trim - February is the month when you can trim your plants and shrubs except fruit trees which take care of themselves by shedding the old leaves and growing new ones and also flowering profusely during this season. However, old dead branches can be cut from these trees. The other flowering plants can be trimmed, branches cut so that they begin to grow new shoots.

While cutting plants like Roses and Jasmine , cut right down to the main stem leaving only a few primary stems intact. This makes the plant grow in all directions giving it a rounded look rather than grow in vertical direction like a bean pole. Make sure that you water the plants well without missing a single day after cutting and trimming since the plants need more water during this period when their growth rate has increased .

2, Ideal time for Repotting - Most potted plants need to be repotted and spring is the ideal time to do it. Make sure that you trim the old root mass of the plant so that it grows new healthier root and this also gives it an opportunity to breathe and grow healthy shoots. Keep the repotted plants in a shaded area for two or three weeks and once you get to see the new tender shoots beginning to form, you can replace them wherever you want. Flower and vegetable plants need at least 4-6 hours of intense sun and plenty of water when they are growing.

3, Growing new plants - Spring time is ideal for growing new plants. If you want to plant cuttings make sure that you plant them in a mixture of sand and soil. You have to use 2 parts of sand and 2 parts of garden soil and later once the cutting grows roots and starts growing you can add a top layer of manure and more garden soil. Normally cutting take anywhere between 3 -6 weeks to show signs of growth so you need to be patient.
If you are growing plants form seeds , you can use the same soil with more sand in it. A soil mixture consisting of more sand helps plants grow root easily since it is porous.

Advantages of gardening

I have a few Hibiscus, Lilies and other plants which are now beginning to bloom and doing well. Once I add more nutrients and a top layer of manure they should do better . It gives one immense pleasure tending and caring for these plants . I could spend the entire day with my plants except for the heat which can make you really fatigued before noon. Gardening is one of the healthiest and most pleasurable hobbies you can have.

Gardening is also the best exercise there is , since it requires you to bend , stretch and move around and the longer you immerse yourself in gardening work the more flexible your limbs remain. You don't need to go to a gym to lose weight if you are regularly working in your garden. Besides being a stress buster plants also add a lot of positivity to our life and thinking.


Nature has a way of soothing stressed out nerves and moods and it does wonders for those who are recuperating. So don't miss out any chance or opportunity you may have for growing plants around you .Watching plants bloom and thrive under your care gives you immense satisfaction and happiness.

Even if you have no garden space, try growing at least a couple of indoor plants which you can keep near a window or on the window sill. Cacti can easily be kept on desk tops or in a balcony. Similarly there are plants that do well even when they are kept inside the house or in a balcony where there is not much sun.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 03/12/2014    Points:2    

Nice post I must say. That''s becuase the use of images. I would like to ask if these images are taken by you yourself or were they available on the Net? I am really curious to know this so that I can use images like this in my posts too.

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