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SEO and Link building in 2014: Things we need to know

March 10, 2014  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: SEO  Earning $0.70   Views: 711

Has link building and SEO changed in the New Year? Lets have a look.


So, how much important is link building in 2014? How much importance do you give to this factor? In short, link building hasn't changed a bit even if the year has. It is still as important and worthy of spending time as it used to be before. However, the best practices of link building need to be talked about a bit here.
But before that it must be said that there were a lot of waves in the world of SEO if link building is vital or not. Some days ago, Google had released the Penguin update. It had then started penalizing the sites that were found to be involved in manipulative link strategies.
Yes, link building is not easy and also requires a lot of time and that in turn means you should have a lot of patience. If one runs through without patience and you go for valueless links, Google will hardly help you in improve your search engine rankings.
So, what area the good practices for building links? There are some basic things that you must remember. Let us have a look at the points.
Value of the links
There is no point in having a link if that has no value to the reader. What the readers expect is going to a similar link when clicked and that the content is related to the topic, of course. Even if the link is a similar one and related to the subject, it is expected that there will be some more extra information.
The possibility of users clicking the links
The relationship of the links should be healthy. Remember, readers are only likely to click on those links that have some content. Only relevant links will work and readers will spend time reading the articles where they navigate to. If your web site has links with value and relevance, only then will readers come to your site knowing that you have pertinent content.
Google values such links
If your content sends visitors to appropriate content, only then will Google see it in a positive sense. Building such links over time will ensure Google that the content and the links are going on the correct road. It will also help in improving the PageRank of the web site as well.
If these are the positives, there are also those things that can go against your efforts. Common, let's throw some light on this too.
And yes, how can we forget commenting? Commenting has proved to be the best way for not only building traffic, but also for getting links. But let your comments be positive and constructive. Let them has some content. Just don't use the cliché words over and over again.
Buying or selling links
The one thing that can easily drive your efforts to zero is either buying or selling links. Sometimes people do get involved in such activities so that they can just pass the PageRank. But they hardly know that Google is keeping a close eye on them and can easily lead to blacklisting. Better late, than never.
Link exchange
Agreed, you aren't buying or selling link, but if you are exchanging them, you are still harming your efforts and your web site. Link exchange is linking your site to a different site and vice versa. These web sites, more or less can be dealing with the same subject, but doing this can still be doubtful in Google's eyes.
Using automated programs
This is the worst thing to happen to any blogger - using automated programs for building links. These are more likely to be caught faster than probably link exchange or other black hat technique. The first thing is that it won't be a good option to ever use an automated program for building links. And secondly, not all programs can be accurate.
So, in one sense you are risking yourself to linking to sites unrelated to your content or even to those places on the web that can be termed as spam.
Targeting your audience with the pertinent content is the only way out to build links. And yes, do not forget what SEO teaches you. With that, you will be more protected on the web from getting banned or blacklisted.


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