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A Short Profile of Jan Koum - the Co-founder of WhatsApp

March 13, 2014  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 869

This is a short profile of Jan Koum, who is the co-founder of WhatsApp, mobile-messaging app. See how he fought in his life.


So what's common between Max Levichin, Sergey Brin and Jan Koum? The first is all of them have been migrants and secondly have gone on to establish organizations that are world leaders in their own rights today. Max Levichin is the co-founder of PayPal, who was born in Ukraine, and the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin was born in Russia.
Ukraine was a communist nation and the condition of Jan Koum was no better. It was so worse that he didn't even have electricity at home. Jan's father, who was a construction worker used to build hospitals and schools as a living.
In those days too, there was instability in the country, as we are seeing it today. The volatile atmosphere forced Jan Koum to leave his country for good and there were two ladies with him - his mother and his grandmother. However, his father was not able to accompany them to the US.
The US administration did make arrangements for them to stay. They were provided with an apartment with two bedrooms. However, that was the only help they got. They had to make a pretty good struggle to make both ends meet and hardly had enough bucks. But for that they used the food stamps and bought the grocery.
But fate had its own story and that too written scattered in amusement and interesting things. WhatsApp has its office in Mountain view, California and the office located just a stone's throw away from the place from where Jan Koum once used to buy groceries for his family, a coincidence of its own.
Communicating in English was never a problem for the young Jan. But, that didn't mean he was doing so all the while. He was an introvert and shy sort of person and so hardly had any friends when he was in high school. He also faced problems during his education in high school.
One of the turning points of his career came when he was 18. Jan bought old books and some manuals from the store and there began the process of the self-taught computer networking. For making things easier, he was also a part of a certain hacker's group.
Jan then got admission in the San Jose State University. He also started working in the night shift to help his earnings. This is where he met Bryan Acton. Both of them were working with Ernst & Young. After about six months or so, he appeared for a job in Yahoo! and was awarded with one as well. But when he started his job with Yahoo! it was not possible for him to attend college.
Like Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg and Bill Gates of Microsoft, Jan Koum also became a drop out. His father passed away in 1997 and his mother succumbed to the fight of cancer in the year 2000. All of a sudden Jan Koum was all alone in this world. This is when Bryan Acton supported him.
The Indian connection of the mobile-messaging is that Neeraj Arora, is the Vice President of WhatsApp.


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