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Five tips for online shopping safety

March 14, 2014  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 3597

Online shopping can fun and problems at the same time. So, here are five tips for your safety.


Today, online shopping has spread like anything. With various companies jumping in the ring and offering a range of features, more and more people are getting attracted towards online shopping. Cash on delivery is one attractive feature that allows one to place order and pay only when the item is received by them.
As everyone is running out of time these days, nothing can beat the online shopping from the comfort of the home. Moreover, it saves time running from shop to shop to scour for our favorite thing. The same can be done from home as well. It also saves the expenditure on fuel, if one were to travel to these places physically.
All these things are alright, but what about the safety? Frauds and hacking have made online existence a threat and if not done in the right way, can easily land you in trouble. For that not to happen, you must be equipped with some safety gear like these tips mentioned herein.
Check for privacy policy
The most important thing, even before you check for the available items is looking for the privacy policy of the sites. By the way, there are scores of online shopping sites on the internet today. But some of them have established a good reputation and also have a privacy policy. These sites also carry security information as well. If you don't spend your time checking these things out, you would probably be wasting your time in the longer run.
Check the URL
The URL is the location of the site on the web and it would be funny, at face value, to be checking for the URL. Still, throwing a glance at it is vital. If the beginning of the URL is with "HTTPS" instead of just "HTTP", then you are surfing a secure web site. And there should also be a "LOCK" icon, which precedes the "HTTPS". This is an indication that you are at least browsing a comparatively safe site.
Use your home computer
As much as possible, do not use a public computer at a place like a cyber café for online shopping. You would be leaving away your trail even after you log out. Doing this will invite hackers easily and don't blame them if that happens. There are cyber criminals everywhere around us and we can't even know them until and unless the crime is done.
Don't reload conformation pages
Remember not to reload confirmation pages if they failed to. This could get cold on your pocket as the web site may charge you during your subsequent attempt. So, if you are not sure if the process has been completed, you can directly call the support of the web site to check things. And yes, don't forget to check the statement of your credit card to make things more transparent.
Be careful with your passwords
This is the last thing a person who does online shopping needs to be told. Always be careful when you are using your passwords as this is one of the most sensitive information. There are some commonly used words and a series of numbers to frame a password. These are the most vulnerable and can easily be guessed. Also do not use your name as a password or it may be easily cracked.
These are some of the safety tips that will take you a long way in making your online shopping experience a safer one. Always, remember to not go out of the way when you are actually finishing the technicalities on your computer. And finally, confirm that you have completed all the steps successfully.

Author: Dinesh Xavier        
Posted Date: 04/09/2014    Points:2    

Nice post to make awareness for the beginners those who start online shopping but it might be completed if you would have discussed about payment gateways cheats...Just my suggestion..

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