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Tips to Control the Stress

March 19, 2014  by: Indu Kumari  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 1254

Stress is a common problem in a modern lifestyle these days. Causes of stress either could be external circumstances or just perceptions or our attitude towards the person or incidents.


There are so many causes of stress either external or internal. External causes are like financial crisis, problems in personal relationships, diseases, workplace stress, day to day problems which sometimes becomes bigger.

Internal causes are those in which a person couldn't help to stop thinking over an issue or problem in which he can't control anything.

Finding the reasons of stress could help to abolish the problem with its roots. To control the stress on time is important because it not only damages physical health but also ruins family life, marriages etc.

There are simple tips incorporating it in your lifestyle will help you to control the stress.

1.Spend time with nature, enjoy fresh breeze and greenery of nature.

2.Listen soothing music and sing loudly together.

3.Develop or pursue a hobby which gives you eternal happiness.

4.Learn and do everyday at least 10 minutes meditation.

5.Pamper yourself after a long tiring day either by taking a hot shower bath or body massage.

6.If you work mostly on computers and hardly find time to socialize, go outside now and then and pass time by watching movie, doing shopping or just doing gossip with your friends or relatives.

7.Avoid negative people and thoughts. If you found it difficult, take a break from your routine environment whether it is workplace or your home and go somewhere else to change the mood.

8. Include some physical exercise in your routine life.

9.Pamper yourself on small successes, it will boost your moral.

10.Never compare yourself with someone else it will destroy first your confidence then your life. Everyone has their own strength and desires.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 08/02/2014    Points:4    

This is an excellent article which help us to reduce our stress. Every day we are facing different kinds of stresses. Stress is the main reason for many diseases. Stress can make mental and physical illness to us. So we must find out the way to reduce stresses. The tips that you are given above are very useful for people especially those who are going through stresses. We must find out the way to avoid stresses. Then we can lead a happy and comfortable life.

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Stress is a common problem in a modern lifestyle these days. Causes of stress either could be external circumstances or just perceptions or our attitude towards the person or incidents.

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