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Tips to prepare a good C.V

July 31, 2010  by: Jobin  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 1627

Preparing a good C.V is required for getting a job. C.V should be in a attractive manner. Here are some tips to prepare a good C.V


Following are few tips to improvise and to custom make your C.V.

Tip 1. The CV should be different each time you apply for a different company and for a different job position.

Tip 2. CV is the first impression you can make for the company which you are applying for.

Tip 3. Some body told me that, a HR consultant, for a given job, screens few hundreds of CVs then filters it to few tens and then finally decides upon less than 10 CVs and forward it to the technical round of interview. And usually HR people do their work at 11th hour. So they don't have enough time to screen hundreds of CVs hence they look half to two thirds of the first page of your CV. So make sure you impress the HR in this part of your CV.

Tip 4. Section 1: Just put your name, phone no. email id and location here. They don't need your in detail address in this section.

Tip 5. Section 2: this is like an abstract of your CV which should reflect the summary of the whole CV. Include your experience in research, training sessions your expertise here.

Tip 6.Section 3: this can be a statement of purpose or an objective or a goal etc., but don't write here as you want to learn something from the organisation. HR and interviewer should feel that you are offering something to their organisation.

Tip 7. Rest of the CV can be in any order but preferably begin with your present experience details.

Tip 8. For the dissertation you have done or any work you have done to present in a conference or for publication - you are the chief investigator. Be bold enough to say it in your CV.

Tip 9. If you have any experience in clinical trials or any other applied branches, highlight your role in that project.

Tip 10. Under the responsibilities section try to highlight those things which you have done during your PG period which are relevant for the job you have applied for. Don't miss the opportunity to mention the slightest work you have done in the relevant field.

Tip 11. Under clinical experience heading try to show that you are in touch with various therapeutic areas.

Tip 12. Technical skills are mandatory for any job now a days.

Tip 13. Under soft skills section - being able to communicate in multiple languages is an added advantage .

Tip 14. Put your personal details in the very last section of your CV so that if the HR is really interested in you he will definitely come for it.

Tip 15. Preferably don't mention the references unless specifically asked for. This is to avoid plagiarism.

Author: EmPeE        
Posted Date: 08/05/2010    Points:2    

Good tips Jobin. I really need those tips from your article since I will be graduating next year. I will be creating many Curriculum Vitae for my different business applications. Thanks.
Author: willylive        
Posted Date: 09/05/2010    Points:1    

Great and informative tips on CV
Author: Unmesh        
Posted Date: 10/09/2010    Points:1    

Nice article I like your article topic..
Author: Jobin        
Posted Date: 06/04/2012    Points:1    

Thanks for your words. CV is your first impression in front of your employer. Its your opportunity to show yourself worthy.

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