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Lead A Fulfilling Life by Staying Inspired

April 03, 2014  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 1311

Finally life can be fulfilling only when we are happy with our surroundings, with the people in our life and in our relationships with them. When we handle these with maturity and understanding things are bound to work for us


Some wise man said ' Our lives are so short that before one gets organised and sits back and before you know it your life will be over so make each second, minute, day, week , month and year work for you...'. So it is impertaive that we try to make the most of our life by staying inspired all the time in everything we do. That is the only way you can lead a fulfilling life.

We are all unique in our own ways. All of us have some strong points and once we realise what they are we have to work on them to make them stronger and work for us. Similarly, we need to work on our weak points and turn them into strong points so that they don't drag us backwards.

Staying unique

Most people tend to emulate others and try to lead their life by following other peoples lifestyle without realising that this is the biggest mistake they are making. Because, they are doing so without realising their own realities and also overlooking their own special abilities and strengths. Ambition is good but unless you are focused nothing really materialises in life .

Parents and teachers have a unique role to play

It has been said time again that children get their first lessons of life at home, they tend to look up to their parents in the initial years and their habits are formed depending on how they have been brought up at home. A negative home atmosphere instils lack of self confidence and inferiority complex in children which they tend to carry through all their life.

So, when a couple plan on having a child it is not just the finances that need to be taken care of but the right state of mind and the maturity to handle parenthood, which is far more important than material aspects. This is precisely why teenage pregnancies and out of wedlock pregnancies are frowned upon and discouraged by the society since the children tend to suffer in the future.

Parents and School has the duty of developing a balanced personality in a child so that they remain focused in what they do with their life and take mature decisions that enhance the quality of their life rather than make them suffer through poor judgment. School has a lot to contribute in developing a child's abilities.

Earlier certain subjects like gardening, sewing, moral education and music were part of the school curriccullum which have all been eased out now and made into optional subjects, shows the direction in which our education system is taking .To develop a wholesome and well rounded personality teaching children all these aspects of life were considered essential by our eminent educationists of yester years but with the present dog eat dog scenario, no one really cares, least the parents themselves. They want a quick rich formula for their children so that they grow up to be successful overnight even if it means making vulgar gestures like the stars and dancing in front of an audience at age 5 or 6!

Change at what cost?

No doubt that change is an essential part of life and one cannot stop it from happening. But, here the change is happening in such a way that quality of life is at stake and we are losing the very essence of living a fruitful balanced life because of greed and confused priorities.

We see both good and bad living side by side and it depends entirely on us what choose for ourselves. I would also like to point out that like the saying ' one man's meat is another man's poison', priorities are different depending on our own realities.

It depends on us to analyse and accept what works for us and go after it and make a success of it.
To quote a life example of a friend - Mr X was literally forced by his parents to take up medicine while studying ,which he did although he hated the subject and after graduating with very mediocre grades (no love for the subject so no focus) he took up what he got, working as a junior doctor at a private clinic drawing an average salary much to the disappointment of his parents. After spending miserable 2 years in the clinic Mr X decided to quit and do his own thing. He liked art and drawing and with his meagre savings(and stiff opposition from his parents) decided to join a art class. He did exceptionally well and with this new agenda in life his entire personality began to bloom and transform and he is now a successful, focused and a very contented artiste.

Follow your heart

This is easier said than done since most of us don't know what we want out of life since we are fed far too many differnt things through school, home ,teachers, friends, relatives and media. So how do we know what is best for us?

1,The best way to tackle this is to go with the flow and get a basic education since education is very important in life. With enlightenment we are also able to decide what is good for us.

2,Develop a good reading habit without limiting yourself.Something good comes out of even bad and knowledge is never a bad thing since you are increasing and aadding on to your knowledge bank.

3, Try to take interest in your surroundings, nature, animals, your family, friends- treating them with understanding and respect. You will be rewarded with affection.

4, Never be judgmental of other people, since you never know about their own lives and what they have gone through in life.

5, Once you identify your strengths and weaknesses work on both to get the maximum benefit out of yourself.

Finally, life can be fulfilling only when we are happy with our surroundings, with the people in our life and in our relationships with them. When we handle these with maturity and understanding things are bound to work for us .


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