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How advertising pages are important for web sites?

April 05, 2014  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: SEO  Earning $0.65   Views: 755

The value of a good advertising page is pretty important for your web sites. It can rake in more revenue if done in the right way.


No matter what the size of your business is advertising is a must. The business can be online or offline. Advertising plays a big part in it. It lets people know who you are, what your product is, what your services are, etc.
But in this article, I am going to talk about the importance of advertising pages for a web site. They are especially useful and necessary if you have any products or services to offer. There are advertising pages even for niche web sites that help them spread the word.
The basic service of an advertising page
The basic service of an advertising page is to speak on your behalf. You can 'boast' of your achievements and how you have fared so far in your business. You can let people know where you stand in the internet today and how widespread your reach is.
An advertising page, if built correctly, can work wonders for you and your business. It does have the power to impress the people interested in your business and can even draw newer customers as well.
Key factors to include in your advertising page
Google Page Rank
Developed by Google co-founder Lawrence Page, the Google Page Rank (PR) holds a lot of value regarding your site. 'A lot of value' means it shows the authority and popularity of your site in the eyes of a search engine. The Page Rank is calculated unique and the most advanced algorithms available with Google.
There are literally hundreds of tools to check the PR of a web site. And the best thing is anyone can check the Page Rank of any web site. So, all things are pretty much transparent. The higher PR, the better.
Alexa Rank
Alexa Rank has also assumed a lot of importance and is calculated keeping many things in mind, the traffic being the most important factor of them all. The traffic from all over the world is taken into account. However, Alexa rank only considers that traffic from those users who have their Alexa toolbar installed for duration of at least three months.
The reach and the page views are some of the key things that are considered when ranking a site. The biggest downside of the Alexa ranking is that not all users have their toolbar. So, many sites with huge traffic could be missing out on the rankings.
Twitter Followers
Twitter helps in spreading the word easily. Apart from Facebook, Twitter is one thing that you must have in your list of social networking sites. Yes, there are other such sites too that help in making your content viral. But, Twitter is old enough in the business to be given the due importance.
The more Twitter followers you have, the better. Not all may be active at the same time, but you certainly command a good following and viewership by that way.
Facebook Fan Page
How can an advertising page be complete without Facebook fan page? For that you need a Facebook fan page and it is so easy you can build it in a matter of a few minutes and clicks. Having a fan page, no doubt pushes up your reader-base and has become an ingredient of a successful business.
The interested viewers become regular visitors once they know about your business. And that's why strategically placing the fan page plug in on your web site is very important, which should be generally above the fold.
Visits per Month (average)
It is vital that you mention the monthly visits to your web site, at least on an average. It gives an idea to the visitors or to the people who are looking to advertise with your site about how popular your site is. There is no doubt that the more visitors your site has, the more popular it is.
Advertisers prefer sites that have thousands of visits per day. That way, they can reach out to more people in a stipulated time frame. But yes, with such large visitor-base, the charges are heavy too.
Page views per Month (average)
Remember, visits and page views are different. So you also need to specify how many page views you are getting each month - on an average. One visit means a person opening a web page of your web site. And a page view means that one person visiting more than one page of the site. So, if one person opens five pages of your web site, it will be counted as five page views and one visit.
This difference makes it vital to mention both (unique) visits and page views.
These are some of the many tips that are time tested. Using them will certainly add more value to your advertising page and rope in more potential advertisers. And more ads means, more money, isn't it?

Author: laratomb        
Posted Date: 06/29/2016    Points:5    

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