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How to get more clicks on your Adsense ads

April 11, 2014  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.40   Views: 1353

Here are some tips for getting more clicks on your Adsense ads. This will also help in earning more revenue.


There are many sites today that are optimized to earn from Google Adsense ads. In fact, Google Adsense is the most popular and widely used advertising network today. No wonder, the earning opportunities there are pretty high, provided the right kind of efforts is put in.
Otherwise, there will be hardly any results for you to boast of. It will all be hard work and no returns. The input will be high, but the output (in the form of your revenue) will not be anything to show off.
Here are some tips that will certainly help you gaining more clicks on your Adsense ads, thereby increasing your earnings. But remember, to only use white hat techniques, otherwise it won't take Google an era to ban your Adsense account.
Ad positioning
This factor has become a cliché by now as everyone is talking about it when it comes to earning from Adsense ads. But you see, when everyone is talking about it, there must be some meat in the talk, isn't it? The importance of ad positioning cannot be ruled out whatever be the niche your web site is in. There's a survey from none other than Google that speak about the perfect ad placement.
I have experienced the results of ad positioning with great positive results. So, I can bet on the vitality of the position of your ads. However, it is not only the position on the web page where you display your ads. The colors that are used also make a positive or negative impact.
Darker areas for ads tend to better the performance of your ads. Visitors click the ads on the darker areas and this tendency is generally seen to make a more positive impact. If the right combination of colors is used for the ads and they are positioned around the vital content of your article, they are likely to bring in more clicks as the content and the ads will work in each other's favor because there is focused content.
Targeting the targeted traffic
No matter how hard you work, if you do not work towards getting targeted traffic, there will be no use putting in all the efforts. Though traffic is the most essential part of earnings, less but targeted traffic will be comparatively more profitable.
Targeted traffic means a lot of things. It means the traffic you are trying to flow in, it means more ad convertibility, it means more clicks and it also means more revenue. The traffic that is not interested in your content may not stay on your site for long, thus increasing the bounce rate as well. However, low but targeted traffic will work wonders.
So, what does targeted traffic do?
It is just not enough to keep recounting 'targeted traffic', 'targeted traffic' again and again. You should know what targeted traffic does for you. The first thing is that in increases the CTR of the ads. CTR stands for Click Through Rate. The higher the CTR, the more you earn.
Another benefit of targeted traffic is it advertises your site to that set of audience, which is obviously profitable to you, because that is precisely the traffic that you want. In other words, you can say, it is your content that the people were actually searching for.
Use channels to analyze ad performance
Keep a close watch on the traffic logs and try to associate them with your CTR numbers. This will allow you to better understand which sources are giving you better click through rates. When you know this, it will allow you to make out exactly which type of traffic is beneficial to you in terms of earning revenue.
Types of channels
Google Adsense allows you to work with two types of channels - Custom channels and URL channels. Custom channels allow you to keep track of the custom ads formats performance. When you paste the custom-specific ad code, it helps you in tracking the CTR, the number of clicks as well as the impressions.
When you are using URL channels, there is no need to modify the ad code. Analyzing the performance of any individual web page or even a group of such pages is possible, which is based on directory system of the site.
Choosing the correct anchor text for back linking
Having just the back links is not important, how you get them also matters. If you use the correct anchor text, it will help you in getting the right targeted traffic, which is the need of your web site.
You should have the anchor text that will be a mirror of your web site and also speak to the visitors about the content. This will grab the traffic that you so very much require.
These are just the tips to get you going and give you a few ideas on your journey to earn from Adsense. However, you will have to put in your own efforts to see the results. No tips can be 'get rich overnight' and if there happen to be any, they could certainly be too good to be true.


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