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What is Right Way to Use Shampoo and Conditioner?

April 13, 2014  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.80   Views: 1208

There are lot of shampoo and conditioners existing today in market and moreover from countless different brands and also for diverse types of hair. Even though, there is lot of variation existing in shampoos and conditioners for diverse types of hairs but one must choose that which suits best your hairs and should be elected according to your hair type.


But, query does not finish here, hair care does not end here, you must also know what is right way of using shampoo and conditioner to have maximum benefits of your best shampoo and conditioner. Though choosing right shampoo and conditioner agreeing your hair type is precise to have good hair health, but it is precise as well to use shampoo and conditioner right way, as using them in wrong way injure your hairs. Hence, question is, what is right way of using shampoo and conditioner?

The right way or steps agreeing which a shampoo and a conditioner should be used are as follow-

1. First, hand-pick correct kind of shampoo and conditioner agreeing your hair type.

2. Next is, how to use shampoo right way? Shampoo's purpose, is to clean hairs and also to do away excess sebum, sweat and dead skin cells which get collected on your hairs. Shampoo wash them all.

a) First thing, to remember in right shampoo usage way, is preferably shampoo should be done to hairs after gap of 3 to 4 days of last shampoo usage session. Daily shampooing of your hairs is injurious to them.

b) Second thing, which is prerequisite to be taken care during hair shampooing session, avoid shampooing the entire length of hairs. Concentrating more on scalp cleaning should be primarily done. Your scalp get dirtier more than your hair shaft, more dirt collects there, more pollution collects there. This was first reason, why shampooing ought to be done more on scalp and less on hair shaft. Next reason, is while cleansing with shampoo, shampoo automatically remove sebum from hair shaft when it is running down from scalp to hair shaft due to gravity.

c) Third basic caution to take while shampooing your hairs, is not only to choose shampoo agreeing your hair type but also according to your gender. Yes, according to gender. Yes, its statistically found that men's hair are no doubt shorter than women but also men's scalp are much oilier than women. Thus they should shampoo their hairs with shampoo prepared especially for oily hair and also shampoo which ensure deep cleansing, have greater cleansing effect.

3. Hence, those were stuffs you need to be cautioned about while shampooing your hairs. Now, coming back to second part of topic of article of today, what is right way of conditioning your hairs? What stuffs you need to take care while conditioning your hairs? Precautions which you need to take care while conditioning your hairs, right way agreeing which hairs should be conditioned are as follow-

a) First thing to take care while conditioning your hairs after shampooing is conditioner should be used on tips of hairs and not on scalp as shampooing procedure make hair shaft much dry than scalp and also scalp gets natural sebum made for body much earlier than hair shaft.

b) Second thing to take care while putting on conditioner to your hairs after shampoo, do not over rinse your hairs after leaving conditioner for one or two minutes on hair tips and hair shaft. This is because over rinsing after conditioning hairs can eradicate the whole of the conditioner from hair shaft. Rinsing of hairs should be done moderately, which just removes the excess of conditioner and shampoo left in hair. Conditioner moisturize and replenish the health level of hairs which was damaged by pollution, chemical producers and styling, but if you will over rinse, over shower your hairs after conditioning, then think, what will be left after rinsing in your hairs to condition them, to restore their health back. So, showering of hairs after conditioning your hairs should be done only moderately.

c) Third thing to caution during hair conditioning session is deep conditioning your hairs before shampooing. Yes, hairs ought to be deep conditioned before shampooing. Deep conditioning is completed with hair oil agreeing your hair type. It ought to be done on both on your scalp and hair shaft one night previous to shampoo hair session.


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