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Losing weight sensibly !

April 24, 2014  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 944

Fitness and health are directly linked to our weight gain , so it is important that we maintain a healthy balance...


Take a stroll down any walking /jogging trail in any city and you are bound to meet at least a few people jogging or walking. While each person's reason for doing so is unique, countless people turn to either activity as a method of burning calories to help lose excess weight or maintain their weight. In most cases, jogging is a better exercise if your main goal is to burn calories quickly but this may not be an option for all.

However, one needs to be regular and be disciplined for any results to show. A well balanced diet and exercise routine is the only sensible way of losing weight or maintain one's weight.Fitness and health are directly linked to our weight gain , so it is important that we maintain a healthy balance.In fact maintaining our weight is essential at every stage of our life since our fitness and health depends on our weight gain.

I am jotting some useful points that come in handy while trying to lose and maintain our weight..

Jogging is a better option than walking

This is an understood fact since you are burning more calories while jogging - the higher tempo you have to employ while jogging requires your body to push harder, which leads to more calories burned. According to studies , a person who weighs 200 pounds burns about 986 calories during a 60-minute jog at an average pace of 8 kmph. If the same person increases that pace to 10 kmph for 60 minutes, about 1,226 calories will be burned while jogging.

For those who are desperate to lose weight quickly jogging is an ideal solution. It may not be possible for an individual to jog for 60 minutes each day , but even 30 minutes is good enough to begin with .Daily jogging combined with a diet that has around 1800-2000 calories will help a person lose 2-3 pounds in a fortnight. You need to lose 3700 calories to lose a pound of your weight.

We cannot dismiss Walking

Walking might not burn calories as quickly as jogging, but it's still a valuable way for many people to exercise especially older people and those who are unable to jog because of some health problems. According to studies, a person weighing around 200 pounds burns about 426 calories during a 60 minute brisk walk at 5 kmph and 586 calories during a 60 minute walk at 7kmph.

So what is important is to keep moving through that one hour period that you have reserved for your exercise. You can combine jogging and walking which will increase the calorie burnt and thereby help you in losing weight faster. In fact walking at 7 kmph or faster is more beneficial to your body than jogging at a slow pace.

Strengthening Your Body and Mind

Whether you are conditioning yourself for a sport, working to build a fit body or just trying to clear your mind after a long day at work, jogging and walking provide a multitude of fitness benefits. Both activities keep you fit especially your cardiovascular fitness, strengthening your muscles and skeletal system and reducing your anxiety.

Importance of healthy and balanced diet

Most people tend to take diet for granted especially tidbits they eat in between meals, dismissing it as not important. But when we consider the fact that 2 slices of bread has 100 calories and has 180 calories when it is buttered , you can realise how the calories pile on. Fried nuts and snacks contain 300 calories per serving and a piece of fried chicken has 400 calories. Pasta, Spaghetti and other fast food has a lot of calories and when you plan to have high calorie food for lunch or dinner go easy on your next meal so that you balance out and stay within the required calorie count per day.

So, it is in our own interest that we plan our diet carefully taking every morsel we put in our mouth into consideration.

Calories in certain food items used regularly

This list will help us plan our diet in a sensible manner ( per 100 gms)

Milk -65 calories
Butter - 740 calories
Eggs - 150
Fish - 220
Rice - 320
Chicken - 180
Meat - 320
Bananas - 80 calories
Bread or Chapatis - 200
Chocolate biscuits - 400
Cornflakes with milk - 200
Whisky and other spirits - 280
Beer - 40
Wine - 70
Potatoes - 96
Most vegetables - between 10 - 40 calories
Sugar - 480
Ghee - 910
Dates - 230
Potato chips - 125
Mangoes - 70

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 07/25/2014    Points:3    

This article is very good and useful. Now a days people are busy with their daily routine. They don''t have time to think about their health. Because of lack of time they avoid exercises. If tasty food items are in front of them, they easily forget about their body and health. Usually the young people think about their health, only when they fall in ill. Actually this is a bad habit. Think about the proverb 'prevention is better than cure'.

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