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How is culture different or similar to society?

May 08, 2014  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 1015

What is the difference between a culture and a society? Or are they similar with just different terms being used to describe them?


We have often heard the words 'culture' and 'society'. We all live in a 'society' and follow some 'culture' or the other. The Indian 'culture' is known for its variety and its richness. There hundreds of such examples where we refer to 'culture'. But, what's this 'culture' in the first place and is 'society' any different from it?
They say change is permanent and culture is no exception to it either. Culture is one thing that is ever changing. The life style, the thoughts of people in the society, the language and the new fashion that they incorporate from other people is what culture is all about.
It is necessary for the changes in the culture to be accepted in the society by the people. Without culture there would no society. In fact, any culture is the backbone of the society and its important ingredient. Similar thoughts, similar way of life the thinking ways are some of the elements why one is bound to a certain culture.
It does not get easy for anyone to come of one's culture and embrace some other culture as one gets emotionally attached to it pretty soon. It is the culture - good or bad, that determines the behavior of the people in that certain society.
As far as society is concerned, it is a group of certain people that share common interests and so stay together. It is also a distinct entity and has its own identity much the like as culture has. However, society has a wider perspective than culture.
Society involves having government, education system for the people as well as medical facilities and the profession that the people are involved with. The security of the people there is also of prime importance. There are a wide range of people in the society that may or may not have similar background. This means, there can exist more than one culture in one society.
People living in societies are generally safer than other people who may live away from them. The people are there in the need of the hour, be it any problem for the individual, a crisis or even a bigger natural calamity. And yes, it must be mentioned that political power plays a big role in the society.
People are part of both the culture and the society at the same time.


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