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Walking - A Very Good Exercise

May 17, 2014  by: Adi  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 873

Walking is a very good exercise. It is suitable for people of all ages as it is gentle and has low impact on the body. Some reasons for walking daily are discussed in this post.


Walking is a very good exercise. It is suitable for people of all ages as it is gentle and has low impact on the body. Some reasons for walking daily are discussed in this post.

Good for heart

Walking is very good for your heart. Regular walking helps to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. It is also useful in maintaining blood pressure level. Walking is also found to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase the level of HDL (good cholesterol). Any exercise that increases heart beat and blood circulation is good for heart and circulatory system. According to Stroke Association, walking 30 minutes briskly a day helps to prevent high blood pressure and thus keeps stroke in check. This 30 minute walk decreases the risk of stroke by 27%.

Helps to lose weight

It is estimated that to lose weight, we should at least burn 600 more calories than we consume daily. One of the easiest methods of doing this is walking. Here is a calculation about the amount of calories burned during walking. A person weighing 60 kilograms walking at 2mph for 30 minutes burns about 75 calories. If the speed is increased to 3mph, then 99 calories will be burnt. If the speed touches 4mph, then the amount of calories burnt will be increased to 150. Walking also helps to increase muscle mass and muscle tone. Increased muscle mass means that your metabolism is also increased. Due to this, more calories will be burnt even at rest.

Prevents osteoporosis

Walking is considered as a weight-bearing exercises. Hence it helps to strengthen the bones and also increases bone density. Thus walking has a negative effect on osteoporosis. Walking also helps to maintain healthy joints and thus may ward off arthritis too.

Lowers the risk of certain diseases

Walking regularly reduces the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, asthma and colon cancer. It is advised to take at least 10,000 steps every day to ward off type 2 diabetes. Regular walking also lowers the risk of asthma by up to 60%. People who are more active and have a 30 to 45 minutes daily walking habit have 20% lower risk of developing cancers like colon, breast and womb cancers than those who are less active.

Helps to prevent dementia

Dementia is a term used to describe the problems people have with their memory, language and thinking due to brain disorders or injuries. Among people over 65 years of age 1 in 14 are affected by dementia. This increases to 1 in 6 in people above 80 years of age. It is proved that being active has protective effects on brain function. Regular exercises like walking have the ability to lower dementia risk by 40%. Age UK suggests that old people who walk more than 6 miles a week can prevent brain shrinkage and thus can save their memory.

Increases Vitamin D levels

Walking in morning sunlight helps to increase Vitamin D level in the body. Vitamin D is a nutrient which is important for bone health and body's immunity. Vitamin D is hard to get from the foods we eat, but Vitamin D can be synthesised through exposure to the Sun. So morning walk while exposed to sunlight will produce sufficient Vitamin D in the body.

Tones legs

A brisk regular walk strengthens your legs and also gives a good shape to your legs. Walking also has good effects on shaping calves, quads, hamstrings and buttock muscles. Giving attention to your posture while walking can help to tone abs and even reduces the size of your waist. Here is what Joanna Hills, founder of Walk active has to say about walking posture: "Think about lengthening up through your spine to create space between your ear lobes and shoulders. Relax your shoulders and imagine you have a cup of water balanced on top of each hip bone that you don't want to spill. As you walk, your shoulders will naturally rotate and this works your oblique abdominal muscles - you'll be taking inches off your waist."

Tones arms too

Walking speed is associated with arms. While walking you should swing your arms forward and backward. If you swing your arms faster, your walking speed will be increased. These movements also have good effects on toning arms, shoulders and upper back.

Boosts energy

You might think that walking drains energy. But the truth is a brisk walk really helps to boost energy. Walking is a good natural energizer. This is because walking increases blood circulation and supplies oxygen to each and every cell of the body. This makes you feel more alert and active. Walking also wakes up stiff joints. Muscle tension will also be eased. You can experience this by having a walk after lunch when you have a mid-afternoon energy slump at work.

Makes you happy

Exercises have the ability to boost the mood. Exercises also act as anti-depressant in cases of mild to moderate depression. During exercises like walking endorphins are released into bloodstream and these endorphins reduce stress and anxiety. Walking also has social impact. Chatting with a friend while walking helps you to forget worries and also banish the feelings of isolation. Walking also does good to mental health.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 07/20/2014    Points:2    

Walking is a very good exercise. We can reduce our weight through walking. Walking is the best medicine for some diseases. People who walk daily should be healthy. So we should find out time to do exercise.

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