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My fair lady - India''s craze for fair skin

June 12, 2014  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.65   Views: 1184

Most people seem to give undue importance to looks nowadays quite forgetting that looks are only skin deep..


Craze for fair skin

Wanted a bride- Fair, good looking ,educated able to adjust to a joint family ! This is an ad I happened to see in a newspaper recently. What is surprising is that when on the one hand we are talking about emancipation for women , at the same time we see more and more stress being laid on a woman's looks, especially with regard to complexion.We can see it happening everyday in all sections of the society.I remember in Goa, traders running after Europeans and other caucasians speaking to them with respect , royally ignoring the blacks or even being rude and disrespectful to them.

No doubt complexion plays a certain role in defining a person's looks but that is only as far as the first impression goes, which most people fail to perceive, otherwise we would not be seeing so many matrimonial ads seeking fair complexioned brides as if every other attribute of the lady is of secondary importance. A healthy well maintained body and a well rounded personality is far more attractive in both men and women and we should be aiming at bringing up our future generation based on that instead of running after fair skin.

Some points to note

I personally fail to see any kind of connection between complexion with either success ,personality, intelligence or other qualities that are far more important and attractive in a person. So, one can say that when someone simply goes after fair complexion and physical attraction while choosing his life partner, he is being shallow in his own perception of another person's traits and capabilities laying stress only on looks. This may end in disillusion once the initial attraction wears off and reality strikes especially if it is a case where the girl has been only caring for looks and complexion and knows precious little about other matters.

There are countless instances in our country where dark complexioned girls remain unmarried because no man wants to marry her. She may be a very smart , efficient , intelligent and capable person , but do our Indian men care ?

In a way it is a pitiable situation showing the shallowness of the society.Here one cannot blame only the men or a would be groom since it is his entire family that is behind the decision of selecting or preferring a fair complexioned girl. The parents, sisters and other members of the family are all behind this decision since everybody has a say in the matter in an arranged marriage. The family may have girls who are dark complexioned but they would never settle for a dark complexioned bride such is the double standard that is prevalent in our society.

This mindset continues even when it is a love marriage with boys refusing to look at dark girls and selecting only fair girls to fall in love with..

Is there any positive change in our thought process?

I was told that things have now changed a lot for the better , but I personally fail to see any change except see many more ads for fairness creams and all dark actresses looking bleached (Yester years Actress Rekha, Hema Malini , Jayaprada , Sridevi and Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu who were all dark complexioned top the list ).

The actresses and famous models automatically become role models for youngsters in our society and when they fail to respect their natural looks and go in for something else that becomes the fashion and the done thing for the young people. So can we blame them ? when they grow up with a fairness fixation?

The cream manufacturers come up with newer products that has the ladies of all age groups experimenting with them with the hope of becoming fair overnight like their role models. There are ads where a dark girl gets rejected at a job interview and after she uses a certain fairness cream and becomes fair, glowing and beautiful? she passes the interview with flying colors. This is ridiculous and if people believe in such advertisements they seriously need to rethink and analyse their own folly at being so easily led by some smart cream companies.

People seem to give undue importance to looks nowadays quite forgetting that looks are only skin deep. They want to hold on to their fading looks with just about everything that the cosmetic companies have to offer them no matter how much it costs.

Is this a healthy trend ?

According to many thinkers and social reformers such a trend where people give undue and obsessive importance to looks can be dangerous because it is bound to make a person overlook intellectual capabilities, hard work and other such qualities which help in making a society strong and capable. When people begin to give more importance to physical attributes, we also see this putting women folks at a disadvantage. Mans complexion is not an issue whereas a woman's fairness is very much an issue in our society and to a large extent we can only blame women for this state of affairs.

Right from childhood parents should aim at shaping the child's personality in such a way that they take a balanced view and give importance to quality of character rather than mere looks. This goes for both boys and girls. One should encourage children to have role models who have come up through hard work and mental capabilities rather than looks like actresses and models who are poor role models for any youngster to follow..Money and fame has its own price to pay and one should be taught to look beyond that right from childhood.
I see the trend extending to even men with top actors claiming that they become handsome and successful only when they are fair and dark skin makes them feel inferior.What can one say to this?


Looks , beauty is only skin deep and the same goes for complexion. Instead of spending thousands of rupees on beautifying a girl or changing her complexion with a one point of agenda of finding a eligible groom for her, parents should seriously think of educating their daughters and give the necessary encouragement to bring out all their hidden potentials. This would go a long way in making her life satisfying and successful.


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My fair lady - India''s craze for fair skin
Most people seem to give undue importance to looks nowadays quite forgetting that looks are only skin deep..


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