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Which Type of Hair Conditioners are Available these days in Market?

June 24, 2014  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 1053

There are too much options available in market in terms of hair conditioners employed for hair care. No doubt, too much of options is good, as different people have different type of hairs and they can choose the type of conditioner best suited to them.


But, sometimes this also creates confusion among people, as they does not know how many different types are there in market in hair conditioners and which one is for which type of hair and how to use them.

Knowing different types of hair conditioners and how they can be used for which type of hair to have best results make their work easy, while choosing hair conditioner best suited to their type. Now, question is, "How many types of hair conditioners are available in market these days? " There are following four types of hair conditioners available in market these days, which are-

1) Instant hair conditioner.

2) Deep hair conditioner.

3) Leave-in hair conditioner.

4) Rinse hair conditioner.

1. Instant hair conditioner-
First type of hair conditioner is, instant hair conditioner, which is one of the type out of four different types of conditioners available in market. This type of hair conditioner gives instant results. They are applied to hairs after washing the hairs with shampoo and then rinsed with water. This type of hair conditioners are used for conditioning minimally damaged hairs and also help in wet combing. They cannot be used to condition maximally damaged hairs.

2. Deep hair conditioners-
Deep hair conditioners are opposite of instant hair conditioners. They are applied to hairs before washing hairs with shampoo and left in their in hairs for about 20-30 minutes. After leaving deep hair conditioners for 20-30 minutes in hairs after their application in hairs, hair are then washed with shampoo. Yes, this is to be noted here , hairs are washed with shampoo after applying and leaving deep hair conditioner in hairs for at least 20-30 minutes. Whereas , instant hair conditioners are applied after washing the hairs with shampoo. This type of hair conditioners, that is to say, deep hair conditioners are recommended for chemically damaged hairs.

3. Leave in hair conditioners-
This type of hair conditioner is altogether different from above two types . They are neither immediately applied before shampoo nor immediately after shampoo. They are applied to towel dried hairs prior to styling hairs for different styles or cuts. This prevents damage caused by hair dryer to dry hairs and also help in easily combing, detangling hairs and also help in styling hairs as they make them stronger and flexible. And, stronger and flexible hairs are very much required during styling as weak one gets broken very easily.

4. Rinse hair conditioners-
Rinse hair conditioner is most simple type of hair conditioner recommended for normal hairs. Its usage is much like instant hair conditioners, applied after washing hairs with shampoo and then rinsed. They only difference is that they does not give instant results like instant hair conditioners. They are recommended for normal hairs and help in detangling hairs and also help in removing shampoo residue left in hairs.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 07/03/2014    Points:2    

The best conditioners are the ones nature provided us like soap nut, hibiscus flowers and leaves ,eggs, beer and curds all of which condition hair as effectively as these expensive conditioners ...
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 07/05/2014    Points:3    

Ushakiran, herbal conditioners are also available in market, look for herbal ingredients in above type of conditioners available in market. And, if you do not find any herbal conditioner in your near by shops, then you can make your own herbal conditioners at home too with herbal ingredients. Some herbal ingredients which condition the hairs very good are egg white portion, heena, curd and milk.
Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 08/01/2014    Points:2    

If natural products are available in the market for condioning our hairs, why we spend and waste money to buy them from market? Chemical products always have side effects. But no side effects for natural products. They are very good for our body and skin.

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