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What Side Effects Fad Diets have?

June 26, 2014  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 940

Side effects of fad diet is topic of today. Today, we will talk about side effects of fad diets.


Yes, side effects of fad diet. But, obese people says that we have listened about its good effect. And, the good result which they have listened is that fad diets are very fast in benevolent weight reduction results. Owing to which they opt for it. And, only after using these diets, they recognize, come to know what side effects these diets have.

The side effects which these so excellently known fad diets have -

1) Number one, is that they are not individually customized . When an obese being is going on weight loss diet, then everyone has their individual body circumstances. Some grieve from other disease also along with obesity disease, which need to be taken care of while scheduling weight loss reduction diet agenda. Besides these fad diets are not scheduled according to that. They are prepared on general basis and not individualistic basis. They does not cover wholistic approach.

2) They [GREEN]lack satisfactory nutrition [/GREEN] because they just focus on fat and calories reduction. But, there is no arena made for other health booster nutrients which are obligatory to make human body sturdier to bear up the health wearying process of weight reduction. Yes, there occurs weakness in human body of obese patient when suddenly their saturated fat and calorie intake is reduced to decrease weight.

3) So, these were few side effects which these fad diets yield inside human body of obese victim on weight reduction agenda with fad diet. The other side effects which these fad diets yield are-

. They lower emotional power to complete the weight reduction process.

. Due to this weakened emotional power, caused out with these fad diets, obese people are not able to carry on with reduction on saturated fat component and jump back again to bad fatty diseased stage habits on finishing point of fad diet and sometimes during fad diets.

4) Metabolic dysfunction and vital organ dysfunctions result out in obese being's human body from consumption of fad diets. Stunted growth occurs, weaken muscles deficient in strength, acidity, gastric disturbances upshot out as side effects of these fad diets.

5) Hairs and skin health is not protected from side effects of these fad diets. They too lose their health status and agonize from skin maladies and hair loss disorders.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 07/06/2014    Points:2    

Fad diets are definitely not advisable for anyone.The best way to control and balance our diet is by making slight changes in our daily intake and increase our activity. This is more than enough to keep one fit and healthy and in good shape as well..

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