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Some useful tips for International travelers

July 03, 2014  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Travel & Places  Earning $1.10   Views: 1136

When well planned travel is a great experience and here are some useful tips that would certainly help in making your travel successful..


Many of us tend to think that international travel involves glamorous and exotic places, stay in grand hotels ,sightseeing , good food and shopping. It is only when you actually experience it that you realise it is not the case and things are not that simple and straight forward. There are many things that need to be considered before planning to travel abroad and it starts with budgeting , ticketing and visa applications.

I am writing down a few useful tips that will come in handy when you plan to travel abroad since Indians have it even more difficult because of all the restrictions that have been laid down by the Western countries. One can of course understand their concern given the track record of Indian travellers who are generally not liked because of their unruly and uncouth behavior and also the tendency to become illegal immigrants having gone to a country as a tourist.

Planning , budgeting etc

1, Meticulous planning is the key to any successful travel. We need to write down every little aspect that we may think of right from the time we start planning because everything has its place and importance. So make a list or several lists that include your travel dairy, travel dates , clothes that you need to carry, places you intend visiting and any tips that has been given by friends or others who have visited the place or places before.

2. Once you decide on the place or list of places to visit, try to gather as much information as possible from the net or other sources so that you are aware of what is involved. Take printouts and carry it with you when you travel especially road maps to places of interest since you may not have the facility readily available there especially if you are ploanning on hiking or spending a couple of days in a mountain resort.

3, Make sure that your passport is valid and has at least one year of validity, otherwise you will not be issued a visa or allowed to travel.

4, Once you have planned your itinerary you will have to apply for the visas which involves several procedures like furnishing your income certificate, bank statement, identity proof etc . There is also a fee to be paid for the visa depending on how long you wish to stay in that particular country. Normally these procedures are straight forward and you get a visa within the stipulated time which may vary from one week to 3 weeks depending on which countries you intend visiting.

5, It is also better to do all booking for places you intend to visit like museums and parks etc where you need to pay a fees, so that you can avoid long queues and save precious time and effort.

6, Make sure that you are carrying enough cash to take care of all your expenses since it will be difficult to seek help in a foreign land. Credit card should be used only in an emergency since the exchange rate will be very high and you end up paying unnecessarily. It is better to carry card issued by your bank which can be used in ATM machines abroad. There is a limit to the amount of currency that you may carry while leaving the country. The maximum amount is five thousand US dollars or equivalent to that. It is the same when you come back, you cannot carry back more than five thousand dollars or its equavalent in other foreign currencies either.

7, Food can be a problem for some who are rigid in their taste ,but these days most tourist places cater to international tourists and have a variety of restaurants for all tastes. At the same time don't be too fussy , do develop an inclination to try out and taste and enjoy whatever is available, and to appreciate delicacies of other countries. This broadens your outlook on food and you also get to know about their food habits and culture.

8. For some shopping is an integral part of travel. But I would suggest that you keep shopping to the minimum since most European and other Western countries are very expensive. Buying a souvenir is good, other than that pick something that you like and is within your budget rather than go hunting for something that you have seen on the web or in magazines. Experiencing and getting the feel of the place is far more important for a tourist.

9, Finally, we need to remember that we are ambassadors of our country and culture while we are visiting a foreign land. Try to be polite and well mannered, don't jump queues nor spit in public places or argue with people or go around calling people aunty and uncle like it is done here.Why I mention these is because most Indians have these traits in them and continue to do the same when they visit other countries . I met a Indian lady while I was in Rome and the lady was offended that an elderly Italian lady with whom they had asked for directions had got annoyed because she called her aunty !! It is an annoying habit that people have even in our country. We should remember that we are making an impression on others by the way we behave and conduct ourselves.


Travel is probably the most looked forward to and enjoyable experience when it is done with planning and cooperation of your family members. Once you are on the trip make sure that petty arguments and other negativities do not come in the way of making it a memorable experience for all.


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