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4 Turmeric Properties which are Complete Ingredients to Cure

July 07, 2014  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 930

Turmeric very special ingredient and a special spicy medicine. It is said "special spicy medicine" because it has both properties spicy nature as well as medicinal nature. Can be used both ways, choice is yours, whether you want to enjoy it''''s both benefits by using in your food or not. In India, it is used in almost most of the dishes. Very few dishes are there in which it is not preferred to be added.


5 properties of turmeric are complete ingredients to cure. Yes, it is true. How turmeric do it? How can you extract its great curative benefits? These are all questions which arise in mind. First of all, thing you just need to check is whether you are using it as spice or flavoring agent or as ingredient in your food or not? If you are using it already in your food, then you do not worry. Because, if you are using it in your food, you are already having its benefits.

Using it in food daily in little quantity, is a simple way and easy way to extract its maximum medicinal benefits. But, there are also other ways in which you can extract its medicinal curative benefits for different purpose-

. One such way is to use it on wounds . Yes, turmeric mixed in either honey or mustard oils or sunflower oil, if applied on abrasive injuries or incised injuries topically cures yours wounds not only very rapidly but also without any side effects.

. Another way you can extract its benefits in wounds, is to use it internally. How to administer it internally is not very tiring task. It is very easy, just mix one fourth of teaspoon in either one glass of boiled milk or boil one fourth of teaspoon in water with few peppermint leaves and drink it to cure blunt injuries. It not only cures blunt injuries but also cures any internal visceral haemorrhage as well as stop external haemorrhage when applied topically through its 1st property known as anti-inflammatory property which not only check external wound haemorrhage and internal wound haemorrhage , but also cures external as well internal both type of inflammations.

. If you are tired of having phlegm in throat , tired of higher cholesterol level and tired of having diabetics ; make a habit of using drinking either turmeric and peppermint extract made by boiling them in water or use just simple little quantity of it in your food. This will not only check all the these problems but also boost your body immunity not only to fight above three diseases but also against various infections, pathological, ulcerative and degenerative, inflammatory as well as blood related disorders.

. Turmeric's 2nd property checks thrombus formation in major blood and brain arteries as well as in minor capillaries, therefore, in this way prevent chances of getting suffered from stroke. This property is called anti-clotting property .

. 3rd property, flushes out all free-radicals and toxic elements out of body and cures toxicity and poisoning inside human body and this detoxify human body of bad elements. This property is called detoxification or anti-oxidative property, which turmeric got from various antioxidants it contains.

. 4th property which turmeric has, checks formation of tumors, cancer, ulcers or any pathological formation in cardiac region, stomach region, intestines region and also checks metabolic disorders inside human body. This property is called anti-proliferative property .

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 07/26/2014    Points:6    

Turmeric is a natural medicine. It gives colour and taste to different food items. There is no kitchen in India without turmeric powder. It is very essential for our body and skin. In some states like Tamilnadu, women apply the turmeric paste to all over their body half an hour before they go for bath. This is for getting more colour to their body. More than that turmeric can remove the black spots, pimples and other external wounds and cuts from our body. It is the best medicine for all kinds of skin diseases. Applying turmeric powder with milk or oil throughout the body of new born child is a very common process in India. This is for getting good colour and good skin. In short, turmeric is an unavoidable item for every person. So we call the turmeric as the gold under the earth.

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