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Consume these 8 Things in Balanced Diet Heart Patients

July 14, 2014  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 1060

You must listened time and again and recurrently from your health specialists, "consume always balanced diet". But, have you listened, that along with general balanced diet suggested to normal healthy humans for keeping their health meter up to good, normal and natural mark; there are diverse types or specific kinds of balanced diets which are suggested to patients of particular disease category.


One such type or specific type of balanced diet is Heart Disease patient's diet, which are suggested to people suffering from heart diseases. There are some specific foods, which they need to make habit of ingesting in their heart disease diet. What these foods, specific food are today's article topic.

1. Number one thing or food- which got honor of getting counted in heart disease patient's specific diet is that your bread, burger, chapatti or roti must always be made of whole wheat flour or you can mix oats in your whole wheat flour and barley flour. Never go for heart enemy maida.

2. Number second thing or food- which is very important. It is cooking base which need to be corrected in heart disease patient's diet. It ought to be fat coming from cold pressed oils, not saturated fat. You can discover these cold pressed oils very certainly in market. They are worthy in taste along with being good for heart. Examples of them are, 1st example mustard oil, 2nd example olive oil and 3rd example sesame oil. If you do not want to use oil, you can boil or steam your food to pause habit of deep frying.

3. Food number three- is important portion of heart disease patient's diet. They are vegetables and fruits compulsory to be part of your food, instead of fatty chicken. Gulp more green vegetables and green fruits. Do not deep fry food.

4. Number four food- is flavoring of food substance with miniature quantity of spices. Bounce flavor with herbs, coriander, green onion, ginger, cloves of garlic; instead of too much saturated fat. Use spices and herbs in slight measure because they are appropriate in little dosage to give flavor and to stock heart disease curative elements and to fund heart disease curative elements to body.

5. Number fifth food- part of this special heart disease patient diet is that it should never ignore protein. Instead it have to include more of them in diet. But, when picking for protein rich food components; choose those which are low on fat and cholesterol, as there are some food components which hold more of fat and cholesterol than protein. Choose low fat type but protein rich food. Low fat type but protein rich food options are pulses, soya beans, low fat curd, and low fat milk.

6. Number sixth thing is- snacks, go for roasted fenugreek seeds, cooked pumpkin seeds in food. Another choice is watermelon seeds is a special part of heart disease patient's diet.

7. Number seventh food item- in heart disease patient's diet is salads, choice cucumber in summer and tomato in winter season for salads. Number eight thing is soups in winter and citrus juices in summer is a special part of heart disease patient's diet.


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