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Tips for fighting complacency

July 30, 2014  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.45   Views: 1273

Everyone of us gets complacent at one stage of our lives. However, being over-complacent can be dangerous. Here are some tips for fighting complacency.


Procrastination and complacency should be considered the two most dangerous enemies in the path of your success. There are many people, (and I won't disagree that I am not one of them) who get 'satisfied' after a certain amount of work is done. Well, it is natural to feel relaxed after completion of a certain job at hands. But if it is affecting the entire productivity, then it is a matter of great concern.
So, what are the tips for fighting complacency? That question needs to be answered upfront. But before that, it must be mentioned that complacency or no complacency, it is the nature of a person that plays a part in what he is able to create or produce (in our as writers - the articles).
Setting goals
One of the most effective ways of fighting complacency is setting goals. If you have a certain aim in front of you, you know how long you have to go in specific time. Working without setting aims is like walking aimlessly. Even you don't know where you are going. Without that you can't realize your own potential too. So, if there are goals set, you will know your destination.
Set realistic goals
There is one more thing to setting goals and that is being realistic in doing so. One should know the limitations and act accordingly. If you are accustomed to writing, say about a couple of articles only and you peg yourself to write five daily that would be pretty unrealistic. Starting with three and observing how much you are drained to write one more, can give you an idea of setting realistic goals.
Have the urge to realize the goals
You will not improve without having the urge to act. I remember to have read somewhere, a thought of a great personality. (I don't remember the name, though.) He says, if you cannot run, walk, if you cannot walk, crawl. It doesn't matter even if you are crawling, you will eventually reach your goal. Don't underestimate the power of crawling against sitting idle. You have to carry on in one way or the other.
Compete with yourself
You are your best competitor. Do not try to compete with others. The one, whom you are looking to compete with, is a totally different personality than you. After all, all of us are unique. No two personalities can be exactly the same. So, it would be better challenging yourself than throwing a challenge to others. If you were writing two articles continuously for a month, try improving it by writing three daily the next month.
Have that killer instinct
You will hardly succeed without having the killer instinct in you. Kill the laziness in you and try to motivate yourself. Discover your own self and how much you can rise when it is really time for you to you can do something. Performance is the only thing on your side that can silence your critics. Without that, see people haven't spared even Sachin Tendulkar - the God of cricket.
Be a bit greedy
Show your greedy nature and you will certainly come out with flying colors. Just take this suggestion lightly and see the positive part in it. I guess, it is worth showing greed in some situations, especially if the things are going to help you in a positive way. You will surely feel as if there is no more burden on you to perform and that will work in your faovr for sure. You just have to show that whatever you do, is just not enough by propping yourself up.
Hope these tips work in your favor to fight complacency. It will do a world of good to you.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 08/14/2014    Points:4    

The tips that you have given here is so nice and informative. Yes, you are right - never try to compete with others. There is no benefit if we compete with others. We must find out our talents and do our maximum by using our qualities. Laziness is the main enemy of the human. Always try to be active. Don''t be get lazy. If we have aims in our life, we can succeed anywhere. Always be positive. If we have some negative points, understand the faults and try to make them positive.

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Tips for fighting complacency
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