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Tips for a healthy pregnancy

August 12, 2014  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 1338

This is the article that provides some healthy tips for pregnant ladies. Healthy child grows in the womb of healthy woman.


Pregnancy is one of the most important periods in woman's life. It is the best phase of womanhood. This is the time that she gets ready to be a mother and so she eagerly waiting for the new life growing inside her. It enriches a woman with an experience that she never felt before. Here are some tips that will help during pregnancy.

1. Mental health and pleasure of a pregnant woman plays an important role in child's growth during pregnancy.
2. All family members should give special consideration and care to the pregnant woman. Always encourage her because she is going to gift a baby for the family.
3. Matters which give pleasure to mind, music and evening walk are very good for her.
4. Don't worry about the gender whether the baby is boy or girl. Pray to God to get a healthy baby.
5. Avoid hard work in the first three months and the last two months of pregnancy.
6. When one is get ready to be pregnant, she should have at least 45 kg of weight.
7. She should change her food habits. Include a healthy variety of food. Avoid fatty food. She can have grams and beans in large quantity.
8. Stay away from those people who have spreading diseases.
9. Over eating is not good during pregnancy. Don't eat too much quantity of food at a time. Eat small quantity of food five or six times.
10. Drink plenty of water. She should drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day. Avoid artificially flavored drinks. She can have fresh fruit juices, milk and healthy soups.
11. Get enough sleep. Lying on left side is good during pregnancy. To get a good sleep, use extra pillows if necessary.
12. Regular exercise is must during pregnancy. Walking is a very good exercise. She feels a deep sense of physical comfort and mental peace while walking.
13. Involve in some activities which give pleasure to mind and stay away from stress. It is not healthy to live in stress during pregnancy.
14. Don't fall in stress. Avoid all situations which fall her in stress because it badly affects the well being of both mother and child.
15. Stop smoking during pregnancy. Smoking increases the chance of miscarriage, stillbirth and cot death. To get a healthy baby quit smoke as soon as possible.
16. Pregnancy is not the time to drink alcohol. Even a little bit of alcohol can make damage to the liver of the baby as the baby's liver is not even developed until the last month of pregnancy.
17. Above all, consult the doctor in time and follow his/her suggestions. Don't forget to take all the multivitamins and tonics that are prescribed by the doctor. Take scans in time and show the reports to the doctor.


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