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Love is Time Pass for some Selfish People

September 01, 2014  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 15   Category: People    Views: 950

Earlier, it was said that fewer people are lucky who get their love.


But, after seeing the statistics these days, it seems like love has become joke for certain people.

Yes, it has become joke for certain people; who use it as their time pass schedule. I just want to ask them one thing; do not you have any other entertainment source for time pass that you play with hearts of innocent people just for your time pass? How much shameful you are, do not you feel any guilt after breaking certain innocent people's hearts just for your time pass?

These time passers who break hearts of certain people just for their time pass are responsible for love dying these days. Because once a trust breaks, it is very hard to believe any other. This trust break also creates a fear in a person's mind of getting him or her used by anybody again just for time pass.

Why you time passers show dreams to innocent people, if you can not commit them? If you cannot stand by them in difficult time, just using them as a time pass mode; then, why you create dreams in innocent people's mind by making false statements?

They believe your false statements, which you lie to fool them. They believe you so blindly, they can imagine that you are using them as time pass and lying them. But, cannot you see how much pain they will feel once they know your real truth behind your false statement? Are you so blind that you cannot even see their pain, which they feel when they come to know your real truth, are you so cruel that you are giving such a pain, shame on you.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 09/15/2014    Points:7    

Yes, there are some people they love others only for time pass. Their love is not sincere. But they act like a true lover. We can''t find out their real nature so easily because they have the ability to convince others that their love is sincere through their speeches and actions. They always try to trap the innocent people so easily. They love others for their entertainment. They find out so many new lovers in all the places where they go. Poor people become their victims. They can''t see the feelings and worries of these innocents when they leave them and find out the new ones. How horrible it is! So be careful when somebody especially a stranger says "I LOVE YOU". Don''t give a quick reply ''YES'' before knowing the full details of that person. Watch him/her carefully and study well about him/her from behind the window. Once you understand that he/she is sincere, you can give a positive reply if you fall in their love.

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