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Stop Complaining

September 04, 2014  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 1225

This is an article which tells you how can you stop your complaints when you are in little trouble


In your daily life you have to face so many problems. It is human nature to raise complaints when we are in trouble. Think about the people with complicated problems and worrying too much. Then you can understand that our problems are nothing. In order to avoid your worries and problems go through the following statements.

1. Sometimes you can't sleep well in the whole night even if you are in air conditioned room and on an expensive coat with soft and puffy bed especially when you have some physical or mental disturbances. Think about the homeless people in the street who sleep in the footpath, bus stands, railway stations etc.

2. When you drive inside the cities, you have to face traffic blocks in many places. People get angry while driving through the traffic blocks. Instead of raising complaint, say thanks to God for giving vehicle as well as the ability to control the same. Because majority of the people don't have this luck.

3. When you are complaining about the job and the company that we work, think about the people who don't have any job. There are so many people around us who are searching for job for many years. They are worrying too much because of lack of job. So be proud of your job and stop complaining.

4. When you are worrying about your love failure and are in tension, think about the people who don't have anybody to love them and the people who don't know what love is. So don't worry about your love failure. Hope that you will get a better affair than this and he/she is waiting somewhere for you.

5. If you can't reach at home in correct time from office or if you get late for one or two hours because of some additional work or any other reason, you begin to talk against the company and the boss. Then just think about the people who work more than two hours for their daily bread. Stop your talking against the company and say thank to God for giving a good and risk-less job.

6. Some people get white hairs when they are young and it increases their tension and worries. Think about the cancer patients who lost their entire hair after chemotherapy. So forget about your white hair and say thanks to God for giving a healthy body without any major diseases. Your health is the gift of God.

7. If the vehicle that you travel get repair on the way and you walk with your barefoot for few hours to reach at the particular place where you want to go, you may get angry because of tiredness. Then think about the people who are in serious conditions as a result of accident and with major injuries and can't move a single step.

Your complaints will get reduce if you can think positively. Don't worry about your minor problems. Think about the people who are worrying too much mentally and physically. Open your eyes to see the problems and worries of other people who are around us. Then you can understand that your problems are nothing. Always be positive. Find time to say thanks to God because He is giving and taking everything from us.


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