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Hand Writing and Our Character

September 11, 2014  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 1498

This is an article which tells the relationship between our character and hand writing.


Everybody like to be their hand writing looking so beautiful. Copy writing in small classes is part of improving our hand writing. Gandhiji in his autobiography explained very well about the importance of hand writing in education. He was so ashamed of his bad hand writing.

Above all, hand writing has some more specialties. Each person's hand writing has close relationship with that person's character. Hand writing of a person depicts the character of that person. Our hand writing says about us, Hand writing can be used to find out several aspects of a personality. Study about hand writing is scientifically called graphology. It helps to understand a person's mind and character. With the help of graphology, we can understand the psychology of a person.

The person who studies about graphology is called graphologist. A good graphologist can find out the psychological problems of people from their hand writing. By analyzing hand writing, a graphologist is able to find out the path of a person's subconscious mind. In America and many other foreign countries graphologists are considered as Forencic Document Examiners. These examiners deeply examine the specialty of each ones' hand writing. They can find out physical activities of a person by understanding activities of the subconscious mind of that person.

The hand writing technicians use lots of techniques. The stress we give to the finger while we write, the distance between each letters and words, strike, fastness, thickness, flow, the colours we use while writing etc. are some of the techniques that they use to find out the character of people. The content of our writings, the language and the method that we use to write etc. are also considered when they judge one's character from hand writing. Berry Bayasta and Adriyan Phrenham are very famous technicians in this field.

Like graphology, Calligraphy is another scientific method to study about hand writing. It tells us how to make our hand writing more beautiful. Though it is related to hand writing, calligraphy is not as famous as graphology. There are number of books available now to study about graphology and calligraphy. If we have interest to learn about graphology and calligraphy, there are some institutions which provide courses and training for the interested people.


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