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6 Top Examination Tips for Students

September 15, 2014  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 1336

Examination tips are very crucial before exams to prepare fully and best for exams.


As, if study for exams is not done, not prepared properly and not rightly ; then it can result in failure in exams. Similarly, if examination paper is not answered properly; then it can result in failure in exams. This is where the examination tips comes of help.

So, a few [B]examination tips which help a student[/B] to answer all questions rightly in exams are-

1) It is seen that student have prepared for exams very well before exams; but still not able to answer all questions even after knowing answers of those questions, very well. Why it happens that they are not able to answer all questions even after knowing answers of all questions? This happens because they devote half of their time given to answer whole examination paper to one question in starting, due to which time left to answer rest of questions becomes less.

. This time left is not enough to answer all questions. Due to which some questions they are not able to answer due to time lack. So, it is very necessary to do time distribution for few minutes in beginning; before starting answering examination paper questions.

2) After you have done time distribution for each question of examination paper, then start answering those questions first which you know well. And, those which you do not know well, start answering them after you have finished answering those questions which you know well.

3) When you are answering according to time distribution those questions which you know well and which you do not know well, attempt those first which are more time consuming and less time consuming after them.

. When you are answering list of questions you know well , attempt more time consuming lengthy answer first and less time consuming after that.

. The procedure is to be followed, when you are answering those questions which you do not know well.

4) When time distribution done, prioritization done of procedure which question to answer first and which to last; then one mistake which students do is to answering too much where less is asked and answering less, when more is asked. Answer only that much, that much is asked in question; according to maximum marks distributed to that question by examiner. Answer the amount that much is asked according to marks, not enough not less.

5) While answering questions, tick mark those which you have answered.

6) Finish paper 10 minutes before completion of time allotted to you to answer examination paper. Why? This is to be done, so that you can check in these 15 minutes, whether all the questions are answered or not and answered in right way or not. If any mistake is there, correct it quickly or if any question is unanswered, answer it quickly.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 10/23/2014    Points:7    

Almost all the children have fear to write examination. proper study is must to get a good result. They have to study the whole books thoroughly to get a high marks for the examination. Questions can come from any side of the books. It is not a good study to learn all the answers of the questions which are given after each chapter. Children who want to get excellent marks should study the entire chapters. They should revise all the chapters of each subjects three to four times. Otherwise there is chance to forget all the answers. Some students have the habit of studying only at the time of examination. I do not think that it is a good habit. There is chance to forget what they learned. Another problem because of this method of study is that they will not get time to complete all the chapters before they attend the examination. So children cannot give answers to all questions.

This is a good article and will help the children to perform well in their examinations. So I use this opportunity to appreciate the author who wrote this article.

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