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How to be a good student

September 22, 2014  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 1273

This article helps the children to be a good student.


Education is not only for studying what is written in book. Personality development is also the aim of education. When students participate in different kinds of activities they become more active. It helps them to improve their personality.

Students should give importance to the following matters.

. Students should share their problems not only related to study but also their personal matters with their friends. At the same time, they should listen to their friends' problem by standing their side.

. Share each and everything related to study with your friends. If you have any doubt, ask your friends and clear it. Don't keep your doubts in pending.

. Participate in all activities conducted by the school.

. If you get any responsibility, do not move away from it. Try your maximum to fulfill all your responsibilities which you have taken.

. Do not move away from competition by fearing of failure. Remember that failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.

. If your friends do any mistakes, tell them directly to correct the mistakes. You can handle them wisely through polite talking.

. Always be with your friends in their happiness and worries.

. Make plans and do everything in accordance with your plans and do them in order.

. Participate in charitable activities.

. When others tell you about your fault, try to accept it and change your habit. Do necessary changes in your behavior and be a good student.

Mobile the Villain:-

Mobile is very useful for us. But it acts like a villain among children. The unnecessary use if mobile creates major problems among children. That is the reason why the use of mobile is hindered in schools. Students never try to take mobile at school. At the same time it is the responsibility of each student to inform your teachers if any of your friends fall in mistakes by misusing mobile.

Study by Discussion:-

Students can study by discussing and sharing their ideas with others. This kind of study includes seminar, criticism, discussion and symposium. This is not simply by preparing report. Children should refer well and should accept ideas. Then they should share these ideas with others and should reach in their aims. Then only they can fulfill their study.

Utilize All Facilities To Learn:-

Children can collect information through watching things carefully. Once they collect all the information, the next step is planning. Well planning is mandatory. Children must use news papers and Medias for collecting information. There are number of libraries around us especially for children who live in towns. Utilize these facilities. Take library membership and collect and read books related to the topics. There is facility to choose books according to their taste.

Stop Alcohol Abuse:-

According to the enquiry report, drugs and other alcohol items are reached in school in different forms. Actually nobody has the right to sell alcohol in 400 meters distance from school. But it can reach in school in the form of chocolate. So each student should understand the negative impact of using alcohol and drugs. They should take action against this.

Library and Study:-

Book reading gives enjoyment to students. It is the best way to increase their knowledge. They can collect lots of information through reading. They can use class libraries, school libraries and public libraries for learning. Libraries provide reference facilities for children. Children can make notes related to the topics that they read.

Student Organizations:-

There are number of schools with student organizations like Junior Red Cross, N.C.C, Bharat Scout and Guide, S.P.C etc. These organizations are famous in national and international level. They also organize camps and other programs in district and state level. The students who are very active and perform well in these organizations get graze marks in public examinations.

Membership in Clubs:-

Students are not alike. Their interests and abilities are always different. That is the reason why there are different types of clubs in schools. In schools it is very common now a day to see number of clubs related to the subject that they are studying like Science Club, English Club, and Mathematical Club. Student can join this club according to their interest. Road Safety Club, Alcohol Obstruction Club, Environment Protection Club etc are some of the social activity clubs which are running very actively in schools. Being a member of one club is not a difficult task. Anyone can be a member of one club. But it is a very difficult task to be an active member. Children should perform well and involve actively for the clubs' success. They can plan different kinds of activities in important days. Clubs provide opportunities for students to develop their personalities by actively participating in different activities.

Capability to Respond:-

Violence against children is very common now a day. Child laboring, physical and mental exploitation of children etc. are everywhere. Children from nursery school to teen ages are exploited by others. People utilize the ignorance and fear of children. So we must practice our children to say everything openly to their parents and teachers. Keep the children like best friends. Then only they can open their mind. Don't create a situation to fall from minor mistakes to major mistakes. They must have the capability to understand what is right and what is wrong and must react accordingly.


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