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Health Notes And Tips !

October 28, 2014  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 1499

Good health automatically reflects in the way you look and carry yourself...


Most people tend to take their health and fitness for granted until there is a calamity and an urgent need to do so when it may be too late . It is in our own interest that we be aware of certain facts that may help us keep fit and avoid any major disasters that may come our way in later years. These days we hear of heart attacks and cases of Diabetes in one as young as 30 or even younger.

Good health automatically reflects in the way you look , your skin glows and your hair looks lustrous and your entire personality tends to glow and remain positive. A healthy body also means a healthy mind.

Here are a few health related notes and tips

1, Big belly is bad for heart - Big belly is the worst possible feature you can have as far as heart health is concerned. Not only does it look bad, it is also a sign of lax and inactive lifestyle . It is the result of unhealthy and mindless eating without actually bothering about health and nutrition. If you eat sensibly you will not have a big belly and if you still manage to have one , get rid of it by eating protein rich diet, drinking plenty of water and fluids and doing regular exercise that puts stress on your stomach, thighs and surrounding areas.

2, Lose weight sensibly - Most people put off any attempt to lose weight because they feel it takes a lot of effort to do so. In fact it takes almost no effort at all if you follow these following tips and it can be fun losing weight and reaping the benefits..

a, Water - Just increasing the intake of water especially before meals - one or two cups before each meal automatically reduces your food intake .

b, Easy way to diet - You don't need to cook any fancy diet , instead cut down on your portions for each meal. If you eat rice dhal and vegetables for your lunch, make sure that you eat less of rice and more of vegetables and include a salad so that you don't go hungry and you have a well balanced meal. Give up fried food items and sweets , instead keep them for special occasions only !

c, Breakfast is important - Make sure that you eat a hearty breakfast which in itself reduces hunger pangs and helps you eat less during the later part of the day.

d, Remain active - Walk whenever possible and remain active even when you are doing your desk job, move around for at least a minute or two after every 20 minutes, the same when you are browsing the net. I make it a point to keep walking when I am on the phone which sometimes can stretch to a good 5 - 7 minutes and I am getting the much needed exercise.

e, Healthy hobby - Take up a healthy hobby that involves physical exertion like gardening or playing badminton . It is also a good idea to join group activities like walking clubs and trekking activities , so that you are active and also make friends with people who share common interests.

F, Lifestyle changes - Last but not least make some changes in your life style which will definitely help you and your health in the long run . Invest in a good pair of walking shoes and you will want to walk since you would want to put into use.
Secondly, make a calories chart and hang it on your bedroom or kitchen door so that you are constantly looking at it and are aware of what you are cooking and eating. Believe it or not, these actions have a real impact on us and keep us on our toes where fitness ,daily diet and exercise routine is concerned.

3, Taking care of Hair - Both Ladies and men are constantly worried about the condition of their hair since most people either have problems like falling hair, dandruff or thinning hair. It is an unending worry for some.
It is a known fact that lots of liquids and a balanced diet consisting of lots of vegetables especially greens and fruits takes care of 50% of the problem. The other factor is cleanliness. Mere washing hair with shampoo does not help, instead massage and rub into the roots to loosen the dirt and grime that gets collected . Unless special care is taken the dirt that remains behind gets infected and hair roots become weak .

4, The Added benefits of Walking - When you take your body for a walk, your brain more than just go along for the ride. According to researches regular walking can help older and middle aged people significantly enhance certain cognitive skills and sharpen their reflexes.

A brisk 45-50 minute walk three or four times a week benefits not just your body by toning it and keeping it fit, but also improves one's ability become agile in their responses to any given situation., This is because as people walk they need to react quickly to oncoming vehicles or other walkers. All in all, a simple walking regimen can improve cognitive skills to a great extent and allows older people to drive safely and manage on their own for a long time.

5, Sufficient Sleep - Sleep is a very essential part of our daily routine and keeps us in good health. People who don't get enough sleep at night may see a decrease in their body's ability to mobilize carbohydrates , which in turn increases the risk of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Obesity. So make sure that you get to sleep at least 7-8 hours each night. Another important point to note is avoiding a long nap in the afternoon.

If you are extremely tired and feel worn out, take a short power nap of just 15-20 minutes , which refreshes you and rejuvenates you enough to carry through the day.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 11/06/2014    Points:4    

Take care of your body and it will take care of you. It is important that we inculcate good and clean habits at a young age itself. These habits particularly include brushing your teeth in the morning and at bedtime, washing hands before and after meals with soap, wearing clean clothes, clipping your nails regularly, bathing every day, taking balanced and nutritious diet, exercising regularly, keeping your surrounding clean etc. all of these will help you remain healthy and less prone to infections as we grow up to be responsible citizens.

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Health Notes And Tips !
Good health automatically reflects in the way you look and carry yourself...


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