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To create study interest in children

November 13, 2014  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $2.00   Views: 1290

Almost all children are lazy in study. Here are some tips for parents and teachers how to create study interest in children.


Lack of interest in study, fall in sleep while studying, lose concentration when attend the class etc. are some of the major complaints of parents about their children. At the same time, teachers also have some complaints about their students.

Physical as well as mental health of the children plays an important role to determine their interest and ability in study. Hereditary also determine a child's capability in study. The three important factors that create interest in study among children are atmosphere of the school, attitude of the teachers and family background of the children. If parents and teachers can give little care to the children in some matters, their interest in study will increase rapidly and they will have great improvement in study. Then what can we do to improve their interest in study? Before giving answer to this question, let me say about some interesting factors that attract children to learn.

Study is a complicated process of the mind. Study becomes meaningful only when the mind of the student is fully concentrated in this process. However, commonly most of the students do not have the ability to concentrate in any subject for a long time. The concentration ability is very less in small children. However, this ability will increase in each step of their growth. Children always like verities and newness in each and everything. They are ready to sit in front of the television and internet for many hours and they are able to read and complete an interesting story within a single breath. Now it is clear that including thrilling incidents, which give pleasure and happiness to their mind, can increase the concentration power in children for a long period. This is the way to generate interest in study among children.

To Get Know The Teachers:-

Children want fearless atmosphere for studying well. Once they feel that the atmosphere around them is fit for study, they can concentrate very well in study.

Children can conduct meaningful studies only when they understand that they have full freedom for their thoughts and actions.

Do not forget to keep the places that they study neat and clean. Always keep the classrooms, library and laboratories clean and attractive.

Divide each chapter into small parts and help them to make their studies. It will help the children to study so easily.

In each stage of their studies, teachers should try their maximum to clear their doubts and problems. Do not get angry towards the children when they ask doubts one by one.

Appreciate your students if they successfully completed any of their study process. These kinds of appreciation will increase their self-confidence.

If children do any mistake, advice them politely and tell them to correct the mistake. Never use rude words while they do wrongs. Rude words will hurt the children and sometimes they may repeat the same mistake repeatedly.

Teachers should have the patience to listen the worries and problems of their students. Listen them carefully and find out suitable solutions for their problems without any difficulties. It is the duty of a good teacher.

Do not blame the children who are not good in studies. Not all children are alike. Give more care and attention for those who are very weak in their studies. Never compare them with bright students. Find out the reason for their weakness in studies and if possible solve their problems. If possible, give special training for them.

Always give homework to read. Tell the children to read each sentence carefully and think about it. It will help the children to develop their thinking and analyzing ability.

When giving a mathematical problem to solve, include more steps in it. Then it will be more interesting for them. Through this way, teachers can attract more children towards mathematics.

Divide the children and make small study groups. Some children are very bright in study and some of them are average. There are some weak students also among them. Include all types of students in each group. This is another technique to increase their interest and self-confidence in study.

Group examination is another way to make their study and examination more interesting and competitive. In group examination, each group members must find out the answers through discussions. Give chance to each student of each group to discuss. The grading and mark will be in accordance with the performance of each group.

Open book examination is another way to increase their thinking and analyzing ability. All questions in this examination should be in analyzing types. Teachers can suggest the children to utilize their books to collect necessary information for giving answers. It will help the children to reduce their examination fear.

To Get Know The Parents:-

Children should take food according to their age. Always give healthy and nutritious food for children. Give them leafy vegetables and fruits daily. Vitamin C - that they get by eating some fruits and vegetables will increase the efficiency of cerebrum. That in turn, increases their ability in study.

Help the children to keep their study place at home neat and tidy. If their study place is neat and attractive, they may have tendency to study well.

Frequency visits the school that your ward is studying and makes a close relationship with their teachers. It will help you to understand your child's plus points and minus points.

Encourage your children to share each and everything that happen in their school. Ask them to explain all the incidents every day.

Be careful when you talk about the school and their teachers in front of your children. Do not say anything negatively. Talk politely by giving respect to the school and to the teachers.

Do not let your children take leave unnecessarily. Take leave only if it is very urgent. Try your maximum to be your children present in the school.

Do not lose any opportunity to appreciate your children. Appreciate them even though the matter is very simple. Appreciation helps the children get a sense of right from wrongs.

Try to create a calm and quite atmosphere at home especially when your children are studying. Children can concentrate well in study, if the atmosphere around them is quite.

In short, the role of teachers and parents are very important to nurture study interest in children. Children, who get special care from parents and teachers can perform very well in study and can score high marks in examinations.


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